Raiders’ Trent Brown Claps Back at Fan Going After His Money

trent brown

Getty Las Vegas Raiders Pro Bowler Trent Brown.

The 2020 season has started off very poorly for Trent Brown. The 2019 Pro Bowler was hobbled by injuries towards the end of last season but he still played well when he was on the field. After only playing a few snaps for the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 1, Brown has not been able to get back on the field and hasn’t practiced much.

Fans are starting to get frustrated because he’s the highest-paid player on the entire team and all that cap space he’s eating up could’ve been used to beef up the pass rush or bring in an elite cornerback. One fan went so far as to edit Brown’s face onto former Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn when he had an altercation with a fan asking for his money.

Brown is very active on social media and was not happy with the video and clapped back.

He even went so far as to say that none of these fans criticizing him would actually confront him in person.

While it’s easy to get frustrated when a highly paid player isn’t playing, it’s not fair to criticize him so heavily when nobody outside of the team knows the extent of his injuries. He’s a big man with a calf injury. Leg injuries aren’t kind to tall, big men.

Brown Calls out Fake Fans

Brown was on a good one Tuesday as before he clapped back at the Penn video, he called out “fans.”

This isn’t the first time Brown has had contentious social media interactions with fans. He’s actually done it in the past to defend teammates. Brown is a hard worker and he’s still young. Just because he got one big contract doesn’t mean he can’t get another one. Four Pro Bowls with the Raiders would likely lead to his next contract blowing his current one out of the water.

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Brown Could Have Issues With Both Calves

What’s been reported by the team through training camp to now is that Brown is dealing with a calf injury. However, ESPN’s Steve Levy revealed that Brown has issues with both of his calves.

If that’s the case, that would make a lot more sense. Like previously mentioned, Brown is a massive human. Having issues with both calves would certainly slow down somebody like him. It is notable that the Raiders have yet to put him on the temporary injured reserve.

There were previous reports that the team is getting frustrated with Brown and they have every right to be. They could’ve used all that money they spent on him to sign Jadeveon Clowney or trade for Yannick Ngakoue. That said, when he’s healthy, he’s an elite offensive lineman. Denzelle Good has played well in relief of him but that’s probably not a sustainable situation. Brown was paid the big money for a reason. With Richie Incognito headed to the injured reserve, the Raiders need Brown back on the field ASAP.

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