Aaron Donald Refused to Use Holiday as a Rest Day [LOOK]

Aaron Donald

Getty Aaron Donald stretches out before his NFC playoff game at Green Bay in January 2021. The Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle chose not to rest on July 4, instead using the summer holiday to workout in a series of videos released on Sunday.

There were millions of Americans who posted what they were grilling, where they hung out at and sharing online pictures and videos of firework shows on America’s birthday on Sunday.

Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, however, used the Fourth of July for another reason: A day to workout.

The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year continues to prove his relentless work ethic, even on a day known for relaxation. His training group 2/10ths speed and agility posted a series of social media videos showing how “A.D” spent his Fourth of July.

Donald Shows Explosive Feet on a Day of Firework Explosions

Perhaps it’s only fitting that a exercise guru like Donald shows off his explosive feet on a day explosions go off through fireworks. Here’s the 30-year-old Donald in a clip showing his skill position player-like feet through ladder and feet-shuffling drills at this training facility.

It goes to show that his feet never truly slowed down from this August 2019 camp clip from Lindsey Thiry of ESPN.

But there’s more. A drill like this one is normally reserved for defensive backs who work on proper hip turning and staying low to the ground. Donald, however, attacks this workout like he’s a strong safety.

Of course, it’s not an “A.D. 99” workout without some strength training involved. Donald chooses to lift the tire while mixing in some push ups.

The tire also has additional usage for Donald: Using it for hopping purposes, plus clearing the workout tire.

The Sports Illustrated Twitter account took notice, acknowledging that Donald refused to use the summer holiday as a day off period.

The Pro Football Focus Twitter handle was another chiming in on how Donald attacked the Fourth of July, backing their stance of placing the Ram as PFF’s best overall player five seasons running.

Does Donald Truly Have a Cheat or Rest Day?

Obviously, July 4, 2021 was not a designated day off for Donald. America’s born day did fall on a Sunday. Since Donald works on Sundays during the months of September to January, maybe that’s a legit reason why Donald incorporated a Fourth of July workout.

But for those wondering if Donald works out every single day. He doesn’t, revealing to The Athletic’s Rich Hammond that he trains six days a week in an April 22, 2020 article.

Last May during the coronavirus pandemic, Donald released a home workout video targeting the abdominals. Donald revealed that even at home, he finds a way to still workout and avoid the couch.

Two months later and on his personal You Tube channel, Donald showed another intense workout regimen, but had his nephew Elliot Donald join him. The Class of 2021 four-star defensive lineman, who was the state of Pennsylvania’s sixth-best prospect according to 247sports, signed with Donald’s alma mater the University of Pittsburgh for the 2021 class.

Along with social media videos surfacing of Donald’s July 4 workout, another national outlet Bleacher Report gave him this nod on Sunday morning: The NFC’s highest rated true franchise cornerstone for the 2021 season per B/R’s Kristopher Knox.

Moral of the story: Never believe that Donald will get lazy on holidays, especially on Independence Day.

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