L.A. Rams Stars Featured in Newly Released Hype Videos [WATCH]

Andrew Whitworth

Getty Andrew Whitworth took part in a hype video released on Thursday, September 2, with his college alma mater.

Two hype videos involving two key members of the Los Angeles Rams, one narrated by a Ram himself and one energizing the fan base for the debut of the new QB1.

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 2, Andrew Whitworth used his voice on one video energizing his team’s upcoming season. But this was not the Rams. This was his college alma mater Louisiana State leading into LSU’s huge season opener in Pasadena against 1-0 UCLA.

Meanwhile, on the morning of Friday, September 3, the Rams Twitter account released its hype video: This one involving Matthew Stafford set to make his quarterbacking debut with the team that traded for him in January.

Whitworth: ‘The Fight Starts Now’

Long before he became the blindside protector for the Rams and with his first NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals, Whitworth was a dominant first team All-Southeastern Conference selection at LSU.

In the 1:49 second video done by the LSU football Twitter account, Whitworth starts out by saying “Tomorrow’s a myth,” before the video shows drone shots of downtown L.A., Hollywood and other Southern Californian images before cutting into Tiger players lifting weights and grinding away.

“It’s a figment of your imagination. An optical illusion,” Whitworth continued in the video. But right after Whitworth says “illusion,” the famed Hollywood sign switches to the words “Death Valley” for LSU.

“It is a sound and fury. A mirage on the horizon,” Whitworth continued. “And it is promised to no one. It’s a hard fact to face, but if you fight enough battles, you take enough punches and earn enough scars, you eventually realize there is no tomorrow.”

The 39-year-old Whitworth, who won the 2003-2004 national title with a Nick Saban-led LSU team, then ends the video by raising his voice saying “forget about yesterday, forget about tomorrow…the fight starts now,” while the video zooms to a drone look of the Rose Bowl. The entire video can be watched below.

Whitworth’s collegiate alma mater is in Southern California for a huge SEC versus Pac-12 confrontation with the UCLA Bruins, led by former NFC West and NFL head coach Chip Kelly (coached the San Francisco 49ers during a 2-14 season in 2016, his only season there).

Stafford Hype Video Features Media Excerpts

The Rams’ hype video was much shorter than what Whitworth helped put together – shorter by nearly a minute.

But, it’s enough to energize Ram fans about the debut of No. 9 who, fittingly, has his debut in L.A. in nine days.

“How does Stafford change this Ram’s offense?” is asked first.

Then, the response is “beyond the x’s and o’s,” before showing clips of Stafford throwing the ball during Rams camp in Irvine.

A subsequent voice then talks about how the 33-year-old QB “has a phenomenal arm” before the rest of the video shows the longtime Detroit Lion firing passes at Crawford Field.

The video can be seen in its entirety below.

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