$71 Million All-Pro has Escalated Feud with Rams’ Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey attempts to wrap up Deebo Samuel on October 3, 2022.

Not long ago, Aaron Donald and Deebo Samuel helped spark the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers rivalry — with “A.D.” once asking who Samuel was to a reporter’s question in 2020 before the 49er became a household name in the league.

Now, the 2021 Pro Bowl wide receiver and $71 million offensive option has called out another prominent member of the Rams. But this time, Samuel has ridiculed this Rams captain and star on social media including through his Instagram stories since the 49ers’ 24-9 victory over the Super Bowl champs on Monday, October 3.

Samuel Goes on Trolling Streak of Rams’ All-Pro

Samuel and Jalen Ramsey is emerging as the newest, fastest rising NFL feud.

It all began on this touchdown play delivered by Samuel in the 15-point win: He’s left with only the perennial Pro Bowler Ramsey to beat and ends up scoring the 57-yard touchdown.

Samuel went straight after Ramsey on his way to the end zone. But Samuel didn’t stop going after the Ram after the game.

“Yeah I don’t know what he was doing out there. I went right by him. He was just backpedaling, I was like ‘what is going on?’” Samuel told reporters while smiling in describing that scoring moment.

Samuel, however, wasn’t through.

Captured by @OurSf49ers on Twitter, Samuel continued taking jabs at Ramsey — putting together a highlight reel intertwining Ramsey’s passionate “I’M HIM!” speech following his interception against the Atlanta Falcons…except Samuel’s video touch had him showing his touchdown on the three-time All-Pro.

Ramsey’s Response

It’s the second time this season Ramsey has been piled on by critics, the other being the season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Ramsey has caught wind of the trolling Samuel and others have piled on him. The Rams captain, though, delivered this response:

“Y’all can have the lil’ fame ya’ll think you getting off being lame. We good this way! Actual LIFE is great! God is great!” Ramsey tweeted.

Samuel, though, posted one more response that was clearly directed at Ramsey.

How Individual Matchup Really Went, Plus Past Battles

Oddly enough, while Samuel and the 49ers Faithful have taken to social media to call out Ramsey, there’s a telling stat that hasn’t been mentioned by the red and gold side…let alone by most NFL analysts following the Rams’ MNF loss.

That stat? The final targets and catches total on Ramsey’s side.

Even though Samuel ran right past Ramsey on that touchdown scamper, that was a play that was thrown on the side of rookie Derion Kendrick…who made the attempt at snatching the interception. Ramsey and Samuel didn’t line up as cornerback and receiver, respectively, on any play.

Which leads to this final stat: Ramsey didn’t allow any yards, didn’t allow a reception and didn’t see zero targets per Pro Football Reference advanced stats. It marks the first time since October 11, 2020 in Washington that Ramsey had three zeros next to yards, catches and targets.

And with Samuel playing a “wide back” role, he and Ramsey don’t often cross paths as an individual matchup. The last time Samuel was targeted as the nearest receiver to Ramsey’s side was the NFC title game…which was an incomplete pass. Before that, Ramsey was considered the nearest defender on Samuel’s 43-yard grab in the 2021 season finale — his only catch against Ramsey. In 2020, Samuel managed to get one catch on Ramsey…a 5-yarder.

Both NFL stars have had their individual wins against one another. But now, Samuel has helped intensify this feud via the internet and has given the league a new receiver versus cornerback rift that’s joined the likes of Randy Moss versus Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman versus Michael Crabtree and even further, Jerry Rice versus Deion Sanders.


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