Matthew Stafford & Wife Kelly Stafford Go Viral Prior to Super Bowl

Kelly Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford pictured with wife Kelly Stafford after the Rams' NFC Championship win over the 49ers.

After dodging defenders for four quarters, Matthew Stafford was unable to sidestep his wife Kelly Stafford who was in a full sprint towards the Los Angeles Rams quarterback after the team cemented their Super Bowl status with an NFC Championship win. Kelly ran towards Matthew on the field after the game in a moment that has since gone viral. The Rams quarterback admitted that his wife caught him by surprise as she jumped into his arms to celebrate the Rams’ trip to the Super Bowl.

“I did not [see her], I didn’t even know we were going to be able to see some family on the field there,” Matthew told ESPN during a February 6 pre-Super Bowl interview. “Not sure how they got back down, but they did and I was pumped about that and saw her at the last second. And that’s a lot of years, a lot of support for each other coming into one moment there. Love having her in my corner. Love getting to share that moment with her.”

Kelly has since taken to social media to reflect on the experience. She began with a heartfelt message to her favorite quarterback noting she was “grateful to be able to witness it.”

“You did it,” Kelly noted in a February 1 Instagram post. “That team did it. Your daughters and I are so grateful to be able to witness it and cheer you on. One more game baby!”

Days later, Kelly had some fun at her own expense as she posted a clip from the game, admitting she was “sweating” out the end.

“But if you weren’t sweating, were you even there? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #airemout,” Kelly remarked in a February 6 Instagram post.

Kelly on the Super Bowl: ‘I’m Probably Going to Get Sick Multiple Times Before That Game’

While Kelly is excited for the Super Bowl, she admitted there will be a lot of nerves to deal with. Kelly promised to be “cheering as loud as I can” during the game.

“I’m probably going to get sick multiple times before that game,” Kelly told NBC Sports’ Maria Taylor during a February 11 feature. “But no, I’m just, I’m excited for him. It’s his moment. It’s this team’s moment, and I’ll be up there praying and cheering as loud as I can, so. I can’t wait for it though. I’m so excited.”

The couple’s four daughters are sure to be in attendance as well as the Stafford family cheers on the Rams for one more game this season.

Matthew & Kelly Met While Attending the University of Georgia

The couple has a bit of a storybook romance as they met while attending the University of Georgia. Matthew was the star quarterback while Kelly was a Bulldogs cheerleader. Kelly admitted that it took a little while for their relationship to take off.

“We were young, and I think the whole college experience, we made it work,” Kelly noted. “It was a definitely a college relationship for what that means to everybody, but I don’t know. I wouldn’t say it was. No, it was not love at first sight. I loved him, but it took a while.”