Raheem Morris Staying on With Rams Sparks Strong Reactions

Raheem Morris Sean McVay

Getty Raheem Morris and Sean McVay on September 12, 2021 in Inglewood, also Morris' first game as Rams defensive coordinator.

The Los Angeles Rams officially know the 2023 fate of Raheem Morris — he’s returning to the “Rams House” after the Indianapolis Colts decided on Shane Steichen to lead the franchise on Tuesday, February 14.

Morris returning was met with widespread reactions from Ram fans and analysts. There are those who are praising the re-addition of “Ra,” then others who aren’t thrilled but then there are those believing his return will greatly benefit the Rams.

Analysts Dropping 2pac Themed Video Celebrating Morris’ Return Among Notable Reactions

The Rams Brothers podcast was among many who are celebrating Morris coming back as defensive coordinator.

They even reshared a popular clip involving Jalen Ramsey detailing how “Ra is the real f****** deal” in his famous rant following the week after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss. That clip they put together also showed Morris during the Rams’ Super Bowl parade addressing the crowd while the popular 2pac song “Ambitionz As a Ridah” played in the background (NSFW disclaimer).

But with praise came mixed feelings about Morris’ return and the schemes he runs.

“I like Raheem personally, good motivator, players love him, but god please give up the soft zone scheme unless you find edge rushers to help AD, that’s the only way it’s effective,” one fan hoped.

There was another fan who didn’t like the fact Morris was passed over during this cycle.

“So Raheem Morris has head coach experience has coached both sides of the ball and actually won a Super Bowl as DC (defensive coordinator). Gets passed over for both eagles coordinators you can’t make this s*** up,” the fan quipped.

But again, there’s praise with Morris getting reacclimated with the Rams, with one taking a swipe at the Colts for not hiring him as head coach.

“The Eagles lost. Raheem Morris actually is a super bowl winning coach,” one fan claimed.

Analysts Point Out Reasons Morris Returning is Huge Win for Rams

Getting “Ra” back has its positives, as noted by two analysts.

One is Cam DaSilva of Rams Wire, who outlined four reasons why the Rams getting Morris back is huge for them. The top reason? How Morris has won over the most important pieces on his side of the ball.

“The Rams’ most important defenders are big fans of Morris. Jalen Ramsey called him the best coach he’s ever had and Aaron Donald has spoken highly of him and his scheme in their two years together. By all accounts, he’s beloved in the Rams’ locker room, with even Cooper Kupp heaping praise on him in a recent interview,” DaSilva wrote.

He additionally added how Morris being hired by the Colts would’ve gotten the Rams and Sean McVay scrambling for a last minute defensive coordinator replacement when names like Ejiro Evero (Panthers), Vic Fangio (Dolphins) and Brian Flores (Vikings) have already been taken.

Blaine Grisak of SB Nation is another who likes the fact Morris is staying put, writing on Tuesday: “Still, at this point in the process, it was better for the Rams to retain Morris than have to find several new coaches with the field already very thinned out.”

Grisak added that there is disappointment with Morris being passed over, but it additionally comes with a silver lining for the Rams.

“It’s disappointing for Morris to once again get passed over in a head coaching search in favor of an offensive guy. He’s earned a second opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL. The silver lining is that the Rams get to keep a coach who is well-received and well-liked by the players,” he said.

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