‘Sir Bash a Lot’ Ready to Unleash Pass Rush Skills for the Rams

Sebastian Joseph-Day

Getty Sebastian Joseph-Day is more known on the Rams' defensive line for taking on double teams and stopping the run. But he's spent the offseason working mostly on developing pass rush moves that suit him.

If there’s ever a competition for best Instagram username on the Los Angeles Rams, Sebastian Joseph-Day likely wins out off of his own display name @sir_bash_alot.

Outside of the social media world, though, “Sir Bash a Lot” is aiming to bash on opposing quarterbacks this fall. And by doing so, he’s turned to improving his pass rushing repertoire.

Joseph-Day, who is now entering his fourth season with the Rams, has been known more for taking on centers and guards while trying to free up Aaron Donald, A’Shawn Robinson and former teammate Michael Brockers along the trenches. The former Rutgers Scarlet Knight ends up having less than stellar stats (he only has three career sacks) due to being the top door opener for his fellow linemen crew. The NFL Network’s Cynthia Frelund even tabbed Joseph-Day as the Rams representative on her “Most Underappreciated Players” list released on June 2, noting that Joseph-Day collected 55 tackles on 400 defensive snaps and ranked in the top 10 in limiting rushing yards gained his side (sixth overall) and in first downs/touchdowns (ninth).

But now, the 6-foot-4, 310-pound Joseph-Day is heading to a Rams trenches that has one less pass rusher following the departure of Brockers, who has since signed with the Detroit Lions. He revealed to reporters on June 1 during a video conference what he’s been working on mostly during the offseason.

“With me, it was more working on the fine-tuning of pass rush,” Joseph-Day said. “And also, working on things that are more susceptible to me rather than trying to find things that aren’t because I’m a different body build than, per se, Aaron Donald.”

DL Specialist Helped Identify What Works for Joseph-Day

During the NFL offseason, Ram linemen have linked up with Eddy McGilvra in nearby Westlake Village.

Among McGilvra’s clients are Joseph-Day. McGilvra, who has worked with NFL players like Donald, former Ram Morgan Fox and Joseph-Day during the offseason, told Heavy that watching how the nose tackle operated in 2020 gave him more of a clearer sense of where to improve.

“This year, both of us had more of an idea of knowing what he’s going to be doing, knowing where he’s going to be rushing from and what kind of moves he wanted to hone in on. So everything was off of power rushes: Anything from a bull rush, how to get off of a bull rush, how to work off of play-action and how to keep play-action type of sets and just how to finish,” McGilvra said. “Getting off of the block, more than anything, was the main focus.

“I did my due diligence from watching his film from during the season last year. I was seeing what he was doing, what kind of sets he was getting from centers and guards and what could’ve helped him a little bit more. And then I put my program together for him based around what I watched during the season.”

One example of McGilvra’s power rush teachings is seen here.

Another maneuver McGilvra taught is the “shock-and-move” where Joseph-Day immediately attacks with both hands to stand up the opposing offensive linemen before slipping past the block.

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McGilvra is a fan of Joseph-Day’s work ethic, saying he works out three times a day and calls him “one of the hardest working guys in the industry. He’s realized he has to work, and he hasn’t stopped since.”

How Pass Rushing Compares to Trying on Clothes

Joseph-Day offered a unique analogy on finding what rush moves can work for defensive linemen.

“Pass rushing is unique in the sense of kind of finding what works for you and what’s good for you and your body type. It’s like clothes: It’s the same exact thing,” Joseph-Day explained to reporters. “Once you find those three or four moves (that fit), then you can fine-tune it and then work on the details from steps, timing, hand placement, footwork, stuff like that.”

The man with the Instagram handle @sir_bash_alot knows it’ll be hard to replace the veteran Brockers, but he’s preparing like he has every NFL season: As someone likely to have a big role, especially when chasing QB’s.

“I’m still going to be doing my three workouts a day and four hours a week,” Joseph-Day said. “When Brokers left, it was hard but it’s next man up mentality. Whatever plan God has for me, he has for me. But I know in my heart that when you work hard, you get lucky.”