Rams’ Sean McVay Channels Hip-Hop Legend at His Wedding [WATCH]

Sean McVay

Getty Sean McVay with Veronika Khomyn during the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards held on March 13, 2022.

“California Love” consumed Sean McVay during the weekend of June 5.

The 36-year-old Los Angeles Rams head coach went from earning a Super Bowl ring before Valentine’s Day 2022 to wearing a new type of ring: A wedding ring, as he married longtime girlfriend Veronika Khomyn in front of family, friends, fellow coaching peers and some of his players — both current and former ones.

Getting hitched wasn’t the only highlight on McVay’s end, though. The new Mrs. McVay caught him channeling his inner Tupac Shakur in an online video.

McVay Shows Stage & Lyrical Side

In an Instagram Story posted on Khomyn’s personal page, McVay was captured having a rhyme session with some of the attendees at his wedding.

The 1995 Billboard Music No. 1 hit “California Love,” the song popularized by Shakur with assists from Dr. Dre and the late Roger Troutman, blared through the speakers with a live band while McVay was on stage with his wife and three other friends. And McVay began taking over the stage once one friend placed the microphone in front of him.

“From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down, Cali is where they put their mack down, give me love!” was the part McVay rapped to below, drawing huge cheers.

McVay Once Revealed Musical Taste Before Big Game

It’s not the first time McVay was intertwined with Hip-Hop.

During the media availability session for Super Bowl week, McVay was asked about his personal musical preferences — because the halftime show featured Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Eminem at the Rams’ home base of SoFi Stadium.

“I’ve got good music swag,” McVay first told reporters.

But was rap his music go-to?

“I can be pretty flexible,” McVay said.

And that’s when he revealed musical genre No. 1 on his end.

“At my core, I’m an R&B guy,” McVay said. “Growing up, my mom was listening to Luther Vandross, Bobby Brown and all that kind of stuff.”

He added, though, that he’s big on listening to what his Ram players listen to.

Analyst & Friend of McVay Detailed How Wedding Went

Close acquaintances of McVay’s coaching past along with members of the Rams weren’t the only non-family members who attended the wedding. So did a podcast co-host of his.

Peter Schrager of the NFL Network, who helped create the “Flying Coach” podcast with McVay and has developed a friendship with the coach over the years, was also in attendance.

“It was cool to see all the people in Sean’s coaching life come out and fly in from all these different places,” Schrager said on GMF.

Schrager noted though that McVay wasn’t the only one who stole the stage with his ghost of 2pac sequence. The NFL Network personality said someone else stole the spotlight on the dance floor: McVay’s defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

“This is the most charismatic man in football,” Schrager said of Morris. “When I tell you this man walked in the room and the entire players section to the coaches section was like, ‘Ahh,’ Raheem Morris is the winner. We got on the dance floor and Raheem got everyone off their feet and was like, ‘No, we are going to dance. We are not going to sit in the hallway and talk about a 9 route.’ Rah brought it. He’s the best.”

Notable Rams who attended via Schrager: Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford and the recently retired Andrew Whitworth.

Schrager also added that McVay and Khomyn have had their wedding delayed twice due to coronavirus. The couple was originally supposed to wed in 2020 but was postponed due to concerns over the virus. The event was pushed back again in 2021 following a second outbreak.

But as Schrager said, “it was a fun wedding. And McVay company, they got two rings.”

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