Sean McVay’s Play Calling Draws Strong Criticism in Rams’ MNF Loss

Sean McVay

Getty Sean McVay talks to an official during the Rams' December 19, 2022 loss in Green Bay.

Sean McVay immediately got on a rocket ship to coaching stardom in his first five seasons with the Los Angeles Rams — delivering four playoff appearances, two trips to the Super Bowl and the February 2022 victory parade that saw confetti, champagne and the “run it back” chants.

But that rocket launched by the man praised for his offense genius has since fizzled. And following the Rams’ sloppy 24-12 loss on Monday, December 19 to a struggling Green Bay Packers team that’s dealt with similar setbacks as L.A., there were analysts and fans who have officially seen enough of the Rams’ self destruction…and criticized the Super Bowl winning head coach.

‘I’m Over This Excuse’

The Rams hit a new low on the night they were officially eliminated from the playoffs: Just 156 total yards of offense, the worst output since McVay’s rookie head coaching season.

An unfortunate theme reoccurred at Lambeau Field during the Rams’ lack of movement on offense…an offensive lineman going down with an injury. This time center Brian Allen re-injured himself with a knee ailment. But before the excuse of cycling through offensive linemen resurfaced, Jake Ellenbogen of Downtown Rams let it be known he has seen enough — by questioning the play-calling from McVay to help offset the Rams’ trench issues.

“‘Sean McVay has no offensive line to work around.’ I’m over this excuse,” Ellenbogen posted on Twitter. “Where are the quick outs? Slants? Bootlegs? I mean I’m just over the excuses man. The offense has plenty of guys that can make plays. The play-calling is an issue. It’s not the only issue but stop dismissing.”

That wasn’t the only harsh critique from Ellenbogen. He sent out the warning on what can happen if there’s an extension of Monday Night heading into next season regardless if it’s Baker Mayfield or Matthew Stafford behind center.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s Baker or Stafford. If McVay calls plays like he did this year next year…It will be the same result,” Ellenbogen warned.

Ellenbogen additionally questioned the usage of Cam Akers, who still went on to average more than five yards a carry against a struggling run defense.

Ellenbogen had an ally in the criticism toward McVay with co-host of Downtown Rams Alexis Kraft.

There were other critics of McVay during and after the Packers loss.

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‘A Very Humbling Season, For Sure’

McVay, for the second time in his head coaching career, will not lead the Rams into the postseason.

But for the first time in the Rams colors, the head coach now has his first-ever season of double-digit losses as he and L.A. falls to 4-10 overall. This is the first time a defending champion has been axed from the postseason the following year since the 2016 Denver Broncos.

McVay acknowledged where the Rams have fallen with honesty.

“I think it’s hard to say that you could. You certainly can’t, but this is the reality we’re in,” he said during his post game presser. “This is where we’re at. There’s a lot of things that when you look at it, especially when you get a chance to step back after the season’s over, all right, how do we try to avoid some of these things?”

With no playoffs in sight, McVay revealed his next job task.

“My job is to focus on, let’s finish up the season with the right competitive spirit, with the mindset and mentality that’s reflective of who those guys are in the locker room and who those coaches are and that’s what we’ll do. There’s been a lot of things that I’ve thought about that I think you can make sense of why you’ve gotten here, but it still doesn’t make it any easier and it’s a very humbling season, for sure,” McVay said.

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