Comedian Jokes About Bill Belichick Influencing Patriots Opt-Outs [WATCH]

Getty Bill Belichick

Comedian Frank Caliendo is one of the greatest impressionists we’ve ever seen, and he’s especially good at impersonating sports figures.

He’s been known to do a mean Bill Belichick, and amidst the slew of New England Patriots players who elected to opt-out of the 2020 NFL season, Caliendo took to TikTok to deliver his latest take on The Hoodie, while playing into a popular conspiracy theory.

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Do People Really Believe These Bill Belichick Conspiracies?

Caliendo nails Belichick again with this impersonation. There are tons of people insinuating Belichick has somehow engineered the rash of Patriots players who have elected to opt-out of the 2020 NFL season.

Some say Belichick is trying to save money, which is pretty ridiculous, and others insist Belichick is tanking for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence who most consider the No. 1 prospect in college football.

Caliendo is pinging off of that ridiculousness with this TikTok post. Note the images of Lawrence behind him. It’s pretty funny, but so unlike what we know of Belichick top fawn over a high-profile college quarterback.

In a matter of 24 hours, the Patriots lost Dont’a Hightower, Marcus Cannon, Dan Vitale, Patrick Chung, Branden Bolden, and Najee Toran to opt-outs as all six men cited safety concerns for themselves and their families as the primary reason.

Would Belichick Ever Tank?

The thought of Belichick tanking in a season just seems pretty ridiculous, and almost to a man, his current and former players strongly insist that would never happen.

Former Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth calls the insinuations entertaining, but he explains colorfully why he doesn’t believe Belichick would ever tank.

Most sports conspiracies can be easily debunked with just a tad bit of critical thinking, but I suppose oftentimes the plain, dull truth just isn’t as entertaining as the possibility of some massively masterminded scheme by a person who has become bigger than life to some football fans.

It’s crazy when you read things like “In Bill We Trust.” It makes you want to ask, you do know he’s not God, right? He’s just a really good football coach.

At any rate, it’s 2020, and this year has been so strange, there’s no telling what concepts will fly.

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