Patriots’ Cam Newton Posts Video of Vital Private Workout

Instagram Cam Newton

The New England Patriots‘ new quarterback Cam Newton is making all of the right connections. Since being signed, Newton has arranged or cooperated with several of his teammates for private throwing sessions. His most recent workout partner is likely his most important ahead of the fast-approaching 2020 NFL season.

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Cam Newton Throws to Julian Edelman

Newton has shown glimpses of several of his offseason workouts. He looks to be in phenomenal shape, and perhaps most importantly, his right shoulder which has been a major issue for him appears to be in good shape.

Newton posted a short clip showing him throwing a pass to Edelman, and the audio of the Instagram video catches the receiver saying, “it may very well be just like that. That was a good ball.”

Take a look:

While all of this should be kept in the proper perspective, it’s nice to hear that sort of dialog and to see these two guys connecting.

Why This Is the Most Important Throwing Session

This concept doesn’t dimunitize the time Newton has spent throwing to Mohamed Sanu, Devin Asiasi, and N’Keal Harry. This one is just a little different.

Of all the throwing sessions and private workouts with new teammates, this one might be the most important because of Edelman’s experience and his level of entrenchment into the Patriots organization’s culture. Despite his popularity and previous accolades, Newton is a newcomer.

Edelman has been around and a part of multiple Super Bowl championships with the Patriots organization. He also might be the most popular player and universally liked guys with the current roster. Connecting with someone like that isn’t the worst thing in the world that can happen when you’re starting a new job.

Edelman’s understanding of the Patriots’ offense and scheme is also invaluable for a quarterback like Newton. He’s never run this system before and he’s not going to have a long time to learn it. Before he starts to get a lot of time in a room with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and perhaps Brian Hoyer, Edelman is probably the next most important person for him to vibe with on the roster.

Key Days Leading to Training Camp

The Patriots players are scheduled to hit camp next week, and with the NFL and NFLPA seemingly on the cusp of a deal that would specifically detail the way this strange 2020 season will take place in the face of COVID-19, Newton, Edelman and the rest of the team have to kick things into high gear.

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