Cam Newton Gives N’Keal Harry Interesting Nickname

Getty Cam Newton

Nicknames from teammates come about for a variety of reasons. They don’t always have anything to do with the sport, and apparently that’s the case with the new moniker New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has given second-year wide receiver, N’Keal Harry.

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Cam Newton Calls N’Keal Harry Doughboy

Newton shared this nickname for Harry during a post-practice media session. He was asked to explain the moniker and was even questioned as to whether Newton was implying Harry was soft.

Newton quickly clarified, it has nothing to do with softness, and that it was in reference to Harry’s off-field prowess. Newton said it was in reference to the Pillsbury Doughboy, which is what prompted a member of the media to ask if it was perhaps a slight toward Harry.

Quite honestly, it’s more of an urban term that I immediately understood, but it’s easy to see why someone who hasn’t heard the jargon might be confused. That said, it’s hard to imagine why Newton would be poking fun at a brand new teammate, especially one he figures to depend on heavily if he wins the starting quarterback spot as expected

N’Keal Harry Has Been Increasingly Impressive at Practice

Harry has been seemingly stepping up his game every day of padded practices. His physicality has been a welcomed addition to practice. Separation is still the biggest barometer for Harry, but he’s making plays in multiple facet of the game, and it’s clear, he has established some serious chemistry with Newton

Harry has also found a way to make a statement in the running game. At 6’4″ and close to 200 pounds, Harry is a big and physical receiver. He’s able to block very well on the outside, which could be huge with Newton on the field for outside runs.

Earlier in the week, Harry delivered a pancake block to Michael Jackson that is still be talked about in a variety of Patriots circles. Hopefully, Harry can continue to develop and become the top-notch, No. 1 receiver the Patriots drafted him to evolve into over time.

N’Keal Harry is Taking No Prisoners in the Run Game

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