Cam Newton Could Return to Patriots, Says NFL Analyst

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The New England Patriots made a definitive statement last week when they released Cam Newton and named rookie Mac Jones their starting quarterback.

However, one analyst thinks there is a chance Newton could return to New England. Brace yourself.

Cam Newton’s Return is Not “Out of the Realm of Possibility”

Appearing as a guest on the Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports’ NFL insider Jason LaCanfora said:

He wasn’t the starting quarterback, and he wasn’t available for a critical period of time and they made the decision that they think is best for their football team. I also don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Cam Newton is back there in some capacity at some point and time. Based on what Belichick’s seeing out of the team, based on what he’s seeing out of the quarterback. Obviously based on any potential injury situations. I think Bill Belichick still thinks very highly of Cam Newton and there’s a lot of things about Cam Newton that he likes, but they’re going to run their offense in a different way, with a quarterback with some different skill sets at this stage.

Can we really imagine Belichick going back to Newton and saying, “hey, Cam, I know you saw what happened with Mac, we need you if you’re interested?”

Well, it would appear the two might still be on good terms–all things considered. During an appearance on WEEI on Tuesday, Belichick was asked about his now-former QB. He said: ““I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings for Cam. He came in here, he worked hard. He gave us everything he had.”

What could possibly happen that would lead to the Patriots turning back to Newton? LaCanfora gives a few scenarios when asked that question.

I don’t know, I don’t know how it’s going to go. I think the kid will be ok. But there’s also been no feeding frenzy for Cam Newton, he’s not everybody’s cup-of-tea. I think he still has a lot of love and respect in his heart for Bill Belichick and I think Bill Belichick feels like under certain circumstances could Cam Newton and a different style of play give us the best chance to win a particular football game or a group of games based on who’s available to us right now and who we’re facing. That’s how they approach everything right? They were a bombs away offense, they were a run heavy team, they ran it through running backs, they ran it through tight ends, they ran it through wide receivers. Any given week do what ever you have to do to win. So as long as Cam Newton is a free agent and there’s the potential for New England to have a quarterback need, I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility.

If you think Newton’s release from the Patriots was big news, his return would blow that out of the water.

Does Cam Newton Want to Be a Backup QB?

That’s one of the major questions surrounding his next potential opportunity in the NFL. There are some recent reports that suggest, despite what some have said, Newton would accept a QB2 role.

Shannon Sharpe said this on Fox: Undisputed “I talked to someone close to Cam, and they said he would not have a problem being a backup. Cam wants to get to a good situation and go from there.”

Do NFL coaches still believe in Newton’s ability to help a team win? Take it with a grain of salt, but Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said, per NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano: “I think he has a ton of football left. But we’re very excited about the group that we have.”

Newton Might Have to Take a Backup Role to Extend His NFL Career

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Newton isn’t going to walk into any NFL locker room and secure a starting QB job anytime soon. He’s going to have to sign with the right team.

Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox seems to see it this way as well. He wrote:

Once Newton gets an opportunity, he’ll then have to show that he’s willing to embrace the backup role. That will mean putting in long hours of work with little (or no) personal glory to be gained. Would Newton enjoy helping a young quarterback grow into a star, the way Derek Anderson once did with him? We don’t know because, again, we’ve never seen Newton as a backup before.

Newton conducted himself admirably despite some tough circumstances in New England. He’s had a marvelous career and has been a great ambassador for the game. It would be great to see him get another shot, but getting that look in New England just doesn’t seem right.

If we’re all being honest, it was a bit of a mismatch in styles from the start and Newton did his best to make it work. Newton’s best opportunity will be with a team who is willing to run an offense that better fits his skill set.

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