Cam Newton Makes Bold Statement About His NFL Future

Getty Cam Newton

Does a player ever totally leave the New England Patriots?

Disconnection is tough, and it is even tougher when the player is as high-profile as Cam Newton. The Patriots released Newton last week, but he is still a hot topic of conversation. Many want to know

Newton said this on Instagram: “I’m gonna remove all doubt. I said it once. Now, I’ll say it again: there’s not 32 guys that are better than me, bro. And let’s be honest,” – 

This post is a tease for his “Funky Friday” weekly video. This week’s drop figures to have a ton of eyes and ears on it. Many are expecting to hear Newton’s side on his release from the Patriots, and his plans for the future.

NFL Analyst Don’t Believe Newton Has a Lot of Options

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport was a guest on WEEI’s Gresh & Keefe on Thursday, and he says he hasn’t seen any NFL team show interest in Newton at this point. While that might be a shock to some, Rapaport says he’s not surprised.

He said: “And, really that’s not surprising. If you go back last year before the season, (Newton) didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him. And this offseason he didn’t have a ton of interest before the Patriots decided to sign him again. So, it’s not like teams are going to look at the preseason tape and say, ‘OK, well, now I believe he can be a starter.” 

There are multiple takes on this situation, and while none are incredibly optimistic about Newton finding a place to continue his career as a starter this year, a few see a path–perhaps even back to New England.

Cam Newton’s Return to New England isn’t Rule Out, Per NFL Analyst

CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora appeared as a guest on the Zach Gelb Show and he talked about a possible return to New England for Newton:

He wasn’t the starting quarterback, and he wasn’t available for a critical period of time and they made the decision that they think is best for their football team. I also don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Cam Newton is back there in some capacity at some point and time. Based on what Belichick’s seeing out of the team, based on what he’s seeing out of the quarterback. Obviously based on any potential injury situations. I think Bill Belichick still thinks very highly of Cam Newton and there’s a lot of things about Cam Newton that he likes, but they’re going to run their offense in a different way, with a quarterback with some different skill sets at this stage.

Newton would be better off getting a fresh start in a system that better fits his skill set. The Patriots didn’t believe in him enough to build an attack around him. Newton needs to play in a system that works for him and perhaps the quarterback pegged as his eventual successor.

That will never be the profile in New England.

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