Patriots’ Writer Gets Strong Words for Coverage of Cam Newton

Getty Cam Newton

While 2020 New England Patriots coverage was largely about bashing Cam Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP still has plenty of fans. One of those fans took the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian to task for what she called a “bias” against Newton.

It was a rather long back-and-forth exchange that featured Guregian attempting to defend her take on Newton’s play by presenting the times she’s supported the Patriots’ quarterback, and spoken highly of him.

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Biased or Critical?

Here is a look at the rather long Twitter exchange between the two that begins with some name-calling, which I’m surprised Guregian ignored.

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And that concluded this rather odd exchange. There is a difference between bias and criticism, and I’m not sure if everyone understands.

Bias, in this instance, is when someone deliberately ignores any positive element about a subject, and harps on the negative while also possibly conjuring up falsehoods to support their narrative. Criticism is simply stating one’s opinion on a subject, good, bad or indifferent, popular or unpopular.

While I have disagreed with many of Guregian’s takes on Newton throughout the season and would categorize many of them as overly simplistic, not entirely indicative of Newton’s value, and too dismissive of some pretty tough impediments (COVID, below-average receivers, questionable playcalling, and a new system) I don’t think her opinions are necessarily born in bias.

They are simply opinions I disagree with, and unfortunately, many people have a problem with simple disagreements. They appear to enrage them to a point that leads to name-calling and other examples of unsavory behavior.

Newton Return Update

It’s unclear if the potential departure of Patriots offensive coordinator will hurt or help Newton’s chances of being offered an opportunity to return to New England. McDaniels once traded draft assets to acquire Tim Tebow back when he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos with control over player personnel.

Obviously, Newton is twice the talent Tebow was, but McDaniels’ affinity for quarterbacks who are capable of making plays with their legs is noteworthy. The big question is: does Bill Belichick love Newton as much as it seemed like he did during the 2020 season?

Also, does whoever takes over the OC job (assuming McDaniels moves on) have the same confidence in Newton that his supporters had when the latter was brought to Foxborough.

The direction the team goes as it pertains to the offensive coordinator might dictate who plays quarterback for the Patriots in 2021. No matter who it is, there will be a set of folks who believe the reporting on said player is biased.

It just comes with the territory. It’s what happens when you use those “finger strokes” to do your job.

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