Deshaun Watson’s Latest Tweet Fuels More Patriots Trade Talk

Getty Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson have a serious problem, and the New England Patriots should be waiting to pounce if this continues to go south. As Watson put it in a recent tweet, he was on 2 at first, but now he’s on 10.

This tweet was cryptic but relatively easy to decipher.

Watson appears to be referencing his anger level with the Texans organization. Almost every team in the NFL should be interested in a 25-year-old QB who is at the top of his game. However, with the Patriots’ need for a franchise QB, you’d expect there to be more interest from them if the Texans are interested in dealing their disgruntled young star.

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It Will Take a Massive Trade Offer

If any team is able to convince the Texans to part with Watson, it will take a massive offer of draft picks and perhaps a proven veteran. The Patriots have enough picks over the course of the next three drafts, and with a player like Stephon Gilmore thrown in, New England might be able to construct a package that appeals to Houston.

Former New York Jets safety Jamal Adams brought 2 first-round draft picks when he was shipped to the Seattle Seahawks. It’s not crazy to suggest the conversation for Watson would begin with 3 first-round selections.

That’s just the beginning of what it will cost.

The Patriots will also need to come up with a collection of second, third and perhaps fourth-round picks if they hope to outbid other interested teams. Because of Watson’s value, you can bet the line of clubs vying to put him in uniform will be long should word get out the Texans are serious about honoring what appears to be a request for a trade.

Watson Would Be Worth the Sacrifice

Yes, that is a pretty amazing haul, even for a player of Watson’s age and talent level, but considering what he could mean to the franchise, it would be worth it.

Even if the Patriots have to mortgage a good portion of the 2020 draft and part of the next two to get Watson, they will have secured the single toughest position to fill in American sports, and that’s the franchise quarterback.

The defense isn’t in shambles, though there are obvious holes, and the immediate focus should go toward finding some weapons for Watson to throw to in the passing game. We rarely see these kinds of trades work out for the team offering the most draft assets, but this could be the exception to the rule. Watson is still so young and the Patriots have such strong leadership in place, there is the right mix to get the desired effect.

If the Patriots elect to be less aggressive, there is still a path back to contention, but they figure to still be on the hunt for a franchise quarterback.

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