Proposed Trade Would Land Patriots ‘Next Edelman’

Getty Hunter Renfrow, Las Vegas Raiders

The NFL’s November 1 trade deadline has passed, but that hasn’t stopped the trade speculation. Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard was answering questions in a mailbag, and a fan pitched a potential trade between the New England Patriots and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The fan floated the concept of swapping the little-used Kendrick Bourne with Raiders slot receiver Hunter Renfrow in a straight-up deal. Renfrow has been called the “next (Julian) Edelman” by WTFantasy on YouTube, among others.

They aren’t the only ones to make the comparison.

Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter Sr. wrote about former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr’s comparison between the two. Renfrow has had some solid seasons since joining the league in 2019. Yes, that’s the same draft the Patriots selected N’Keal Harry over several receivers, such as AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson and Renfrow.

While Mora Jr. and others may be high on Renfrow, but not Bedard. The veteran writer didn’t hold back with his brutally candid take on Renfrow.

“They might take him [Renfrow] in a trade, and JM [Josh McDaniels] might be happy to give Renfrow away,” Bedard wrote. “Not sure if it was the injury he just went on IR with, but he has been terrible this season. He has absolutely no speed, no juice. No Waller, bad Renfrow has made for a mediocre offense. Hollins is an outside guy. Renfrow is the slot. He’s just bad, not ignored.”

If Bill Belichick and company feel the same as Bedard, there is almost no chance they ever acquire Renfrow. However, it does seem possible that Bourne is traded this off-season. There were rumors of major interest in him from other teams.

New England didn’t trade him at the deadline. Perhaps the Patriots felt they couldn’t spare the depth at receiver. That might not keep Bourne in a Patriots uniform beyond this season.

Around the NFL: Tyreek Hill Praises Wes Welker

Speaking of great former Patriots slot receivers, Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill shouted out Wes Welker. The latter is the receivers coach in Miami and Hill took time to show Welker love for his coaching this season.

Hill is having a massive season so far in the first year of his four-year $120 million extension. Through nine games, Hill has 76 receptions for 1,104 yards and 3 TDs. He is averaging a whopping 122.7 receiving yards per game. The Dolphins are 6-3 with one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL.

Hill is arguably the biggest reason they are so dangerous.

Around the NFL: Saquon Barkley Wants an OBJ Reunion

The Dolphins have a dynamic duo with Hill and second-year receiver Jaylen Waddle. The New York Giants’ star Saquon Barkley would like to reunite with a former teammate to form his own gruesome twosome.

Barkley recently campaigned for the Giants to bring back former G-Man star and free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ has been cleared to return to football after suffering a torn ACL in the Super Bowl. He will have several suitors, so if the Giants can sign him, they will have to make a better pitch than teams like the Dallas Cowboys and perhaps even the Patriots.

Beckham had his best seasons statistically in New York. In his first three seasons in the NFL–all in the Big Apple–OBJ averaged 1,374 receiving yards and just under 12 TDs per season.

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