Patriots Teammate Claims Mac Jones Can Be ‘Top QB’

New England Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

After a disappointing season for the New England Patriots and Mac Jones, the quarterback is entering a key 2023 season. Still, it is clear that Jones is supported in New England.

Jonathan Jones recently participated in a 1-on-1 interview with NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry and publicly backed the quarterback.

“I mean, he has all the tools,” Jones said. “He has all the mechanics to be a quarterback in this league, and be a top quarterback in this league. I think it’s just going to come down to the right situation and getting that consistency and continuing to develop.

“… A lot of people want ready-made results, and that’s just not always the case,” the cornerback added. “As long as he continues to strive to get better and better, it will all work out.”

After making it to the Pro Bowl in 2021, the Patriots quarterback threw for less than 3,000 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions per Pro Football Reference.

Jonathan Jones isn’t the only New England Patriots Player to Support Mac Jones

Along with the cornerback, Matthew Judon recently expressed his support for New England’s quarterback. During an interview with the NFL Network, Judon defended Jones’ expression of emotion on the field and on the sidelines in 2022.

“I think everybody sees that and they be like, ‘Oh, he’s showing frustration or he’s showing youth’ or whatever,” Judon said. “No, he’s just being emotional. He wants to win. He loves to win. He’s been winning his whole life, and he’s showing the passion that he has for the game. Some people take that as a negative thing and criticize him about it. We take it as a positive. We say, ‘This young man wants to win this bad that he’s showing his frustrations.’

“Now, we’ve got to tame it sometimes, and we’ve got to understand how to speak and understand when we can do that and stuff like that, but he’s young. It’s his second year,” Judon added.

Rob Gronkowski Believes 2023 Will Be Year New England Patriots Find Out if Mac Jones is “the Guy”

2023 will be an important season for the Patriots and Jones. The quarterback will look to prove that he is the real deal and New England will be hoping that they can find its way back into the playoffs.

When speaking with, Rob Gronkowski claimed that this season will prove if Jones is the real deal.

“Year three is going to be big, I think we’re going to determine if Mac’s going to be the guy this year. Or, if he’s not going to be the guy after this year, “Gronkowski said. “He’s shown enough to be competitive and that he can do what he need to do. But this year will be the year. He has Billy O’Brien who is a great offensive minded coach. He knows him as well from college. On top of it, they need to go get that big time wide receiver. They’re set at the tight-end position with Hunter Henry. Therefore, if they get the big time receiver and he has Billy O, this is the year to show if he’s going to be the guy, the future in New England. If he doesn’t improve, show his talents, and a huge upgrade and he doesn’t get the job done than I don’t think he’s going to be there after this year. They’re going to move on or something. This is the year to get that big time receiver to make him better.”


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