Patriots LB Blasts ESPN Analyst For Erroneous Tweet

Getty Kyle Van Noy

Sometimes you get hacked, and other times, you just tweet something without thinking deeply enough, or doing a bit more research. It happens, and one of the two happened to ESPN’s Jay Williams on Wednesday.

After his colleague Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the Boston Celtics were set to hire Ime Udoka as their next head coach, Williams’ account posted the following tweet, which has since been deleted.

.Savage Boston captured the tweet:


As SB pointed out, the tweet egregiously leaves out Bill Russell, KC Jones, Tom “Satch” Sanders, Doc Rivers and ML Carr.

After the tweet was deleted, Williams seemed to imply he had either been hacked or someone had gotten a hold of his password and posted the tweet:

Let’s just say the world noticed and New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy wasn’t buying Williams’ excuse. Van Noy retweeted Williams’ follow-up post and dropped a comment doubting Williams’ explanation.

Van Noy Wasn’t The Only One Clowning Williams

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran posted this short video in response to Williams’ explanation:

Former Bulls player and current color analyst Stacey King posted an even funnier take featuring Doc Rivers’ face super-imposed over Steve Carell’s Office character Michael Scott:

We cannot call Williams a liar. If he says he didn’t tweet it, perhaps there is a logical explanation for how it came from his account, and wasn’t something far more blatantly damning. Usually, when someone is hacked and the hacker is posting erroneously, they will create a post that is meant to be demeaning and politically incorrect.

This tweet came off more like an ill-fated attempt to acknowledge a cultural breakthrough. Unfortunately, that breakthrough happened about 55 years ago when the Celtics hired Russell as a player coach.

Boston “broke through” again in 1978 when it hired Sanders. It happened a third time in 1983 when they hired Jones. The fourth breakthrough happened in 1995 when Carr was hired. The final landmark was in 2004 with Rivers, and that one lasted nine years.

In actuality, the Celtics will be hiring their sixth African-American head coach in Udoka.

Kyle Van Noy is Happy to Be Back in New England

Van Noy is back with the Patriots after a seemingly unhappy year spent playing for the Miami Dolphins. Van Noy was released after a single campaign, and it doesn’t sound as if he was happy about the way things ended.

“I am surprised and disappointed in their decision,” Van Noy said in a statement provided to NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo. “As a captain, I gave my all to the team. I fought through a painful hip injury during the season, including spending a night in the hospital after a game. I was brought there to be a leader and I know my teammates looked up to and respected me. I am looking forward to making an impact on my next team, on and off the field.”

And so is Udoka, even if he isn’t necessarily breaking down the walls someone controlling Williams’ Twitter account thought was still standing.

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