Patriots’ Mac Jones Posts Image Likening Himself to Tom Brady

Getty Mac Jones

The New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones isn’t afraid of the spotlight or pressure. He’s frequently compared to former Patriots great and future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady. While some young players might shy away from that sort of comparison, Jones is embracing it. 

In January, Jones posted an image of his modest physique next to Brady’s now-famous NFL Combine picture. Perhaps Jones spoke it into existence.

Take a look:

While there is some self-deprecating humor in the post, Jones knew full well what he was doing. You can see it in everything he’s still doing on social media.

Shortly after the Patriots drafted him, he posted himself playing Madden 21 as the Patriots taking on Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rather than trying to calm the pre-mature Brady comparisons, he’s running toward them with open arms. A 22-year-old who hasn’t played a down of NFL football has to have a ton of confidence to play that game.

Some Fans Were Turned Off By the Comparison

One commenter on Jones’ post didn’t seem to like the latter’s loose comparisons to the GOAT. He posted:

Dont be there a single day and think you can throw comparisons. Brady had a nut to Crack, you were drafted 15th overall. I wish you the best… but you have several superbowls to win before I want to hear any comparisons

Another user met Jones’ confidence with his brand of stylish skepticism that included a regal piece of social media art designed to remind the rookie of the legacy he’s adjoining himself to before his first NFL game.

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If Jones can prove himself to be elite, no one will care if he was a little premature with his Brady comparisons.

It’s Clear, Jones Wanted to Be a Patriot

Shortly after Jones was drafted, he revealed, he’d wanted to be a member of the Patriots all along.

“At the end of the day, you want to just get the right fit, and I feel like secretly, I really wanted to go to the Patriots all along,” Jones said during his post-draft press conference. “So I’m actually really happy that it happened.

“But it doesn’t really matter. You get picked, you’ve got to take the opportunity and take advantage of it and learn the new system, learn the new coaches, learn the new culture.”

Jones talked about learning from Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham and playing his role. However, make no mistake about it; Jones is coming in and looking to prove he’s ready to be the starter from Day 1. It’s up to Newton–and to a lesser degree, Stidham–to prove it’s not quite time for the rookie to be elevated. 

In any case, Jones has landed where he’d hoped, and we could be at the outset of something special–yet again. That’s something the rest of the teams in the NFL are hoping isn’t the case.

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