Patriots Star Messages 3-Time Pro-Bowler: ‘Foxborough Will Love U My G’

Getty Matthew Judon

The New England Patriots star edge rusher Matthew Judon has doubled as a recruiter this offseason. Judon has been–rather unsuccessfully–trying to get all of the big-name free agents to consider joining him in Foxborough.

He has called upon Bobby Wagner, Tyrann Mathieu, Allen Robinson and others to come to the Patriots in free agency. None of them have taken him up on his offer, but only Robinson has chosen a team for 2022. So, the jury is still out with Mathieu and Wagner.

Before the final verdict comes through for those two, Judon is already moving after another big name. Three-time Pro-Bowler Odell Beckham Jr. is still looking for a new team and Judon has a message for the Super Bowl champion.

If Beckham signs with the Patriots and plays the way he did for the Los Angeles Rams in the first half of Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals before tearing his ACL, Judon is dead on.

Could Odell Beckham Jr. Be the Patriots’ Answer at WR?

The Patriots and their fanbase have been waiting for a wide receiver who can be a true No. 1 type capable of commanding a double team on the outside.

Beckham,  who won’t turn 30 until November, looked like he was capable of being that kind of guy in the Super Bowl. He had two receptions for 52 yards and a TD. Beckham was seemingly on his way to a 100-yard performance before he got injured on a non-contact play.

Fortunately for the Rams, Cooper Kupp delivered a Super-Bowl MVP performance in the second half to help lead his team to a win.

Beckham was strong throughout the postseason for the Rams. He averaged a little over six receptions and 79 yard per contest. Those numbers would have also been higher had he played the entire game in the Super Bowl.

The question now for Beckham and any team that might be interested in his services is: how healthy can he be after the rehab for his knee? Also, how much does he still have left in the tank overall.

Beckham has endured a myriad of injuries which has cost him 12 games over the past two seasons. A link-up with the Patriots would almost certainly appear to be for one season.

What Kind of Contract is Realistic for the Patriots and Odell Beckham Jr.

The Patriots aren’t going to want to invest multiple years and big money into a player who is still effective when on the field–but also still clearly beyond his prime.

On the other side, Beckham will likely have to accept a modest, short-term deal. That dynamic may not be a big deal for Beckham considering it still behooves him to play well for someone in 2022 to help facilitate at least one more big contract from a potential suitor.

Despite the injury, it is easy to argue Beckham is the top receiver remaining available on the free-agent market. That makes us wonder if someone might be willing to overpay, despite the fact that he figures to be limited or unavailable early in the NFL season.

In any case, no one can say Judon doesn’t have high standards when it comes to recruiting targets. He goes after all of the big dogs, even if his team isn’t opening or closing the deals he tweets about.


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