NFL Analysts Disgusted with New England Patriot Supporters

New England Patriots

Getty Images Many believe Bailey Zappe is Mac Jones replacement.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, surprisingly the New England Patriots draft a QB Bailey Zappe in the 4th round. This was a bit odd for Patriots HC Bill Belichick because of their 1st round draft pick last season, Mac Jones. Many were confused by the decision, simply because of the amazing season, Jones managed to have. Jones threw for 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions according to ESPN. Not to mention, he completed 67.6% of his passes, nearly, breaking Dallas Cowboy star QB Dak Prescott’s rookie record for completion percentage.

“In 2016, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott completed 67.76 percent of his passes, the best mark in NFL history for a rookie,” reported Michael David Smith for NBC Sports. “In 2021, Mac Jones is poised to break that record. Jones has completed 69.04 percent of his passes this season, putting him comfortably on pace to break Prescott’s rookie record.”

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NFL Analysts Mike Giardi Upset with Patriots Fans

NFL analysts Mike Giardi appeared to be disgusted with the Patriot supporters the following morning after the NFL draft. Naturally, many people believed that drafting Zappe was Belichick’s form of letting Jones know he has competition. Naively, many people even believed that Belichick drafted him to replace Jones. Giardi tweeted the following morning that people should say no to drugs. Symbolizing, he believed these people were completely out of their kind and many of the supporters’ takes weren’t even logical. 

“First call I hear on sports radio this morning is the #Patriots drafted Bailey Zappe to replace Mac Jones. Just say no to drugs, people.”

Who is Bailey Zappe?

The Western Kentucky product has dominated the FBS conference throughout his tenure. Zappe has set several FBS records as a Hilltopper, according to Henry McKenna for USA Today. He finished with 5,967 passing yards and 62 touchdowns both FBS records. Zappe and that Hilltopper offense was such a force many opposing teams were forced to fake injuries throughout the game. The tempo of the offense was so severe many teams weren’t able to adjust and often began to get gassed as the game progressed. 

“You think he’s tapping the guy on the helmet to say, ‘Man, I hope you’re OK.’ But he’s actually going, ‘How about getting your butt up and quit faking and let’s get on with this!’” reported McKenna. “So that was pretty fun to watch the game in and game out because that was the only way a defense could stop our tempo.”

Many believe that Zappe may not compete for the starting job on day one, however, Zappe is a competitor and we’ll not go down without a fight. While being competitive, Zappe still holds the highest regard and respect for Jones. He believes the team has a talented QB room and he’s willing to learn as much as he humanly can behind those guys. 

“He’s a phenomenal quarterback,” Zappe said after Day 3 of the NFL draft last weekend. “He is a great QB as is the rest of the QBs in that room. I am really looking forward to learning from all three of those guys and getting up there, meeting them, and doing as much as I can to help the team. I am really excited about this opportunity.”

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