Patriots DB Devin McCourty Still Has Gas in the Tank

New England Patriots

Getty Images Patriots DB Devin McCourty excited to return for his 13th season.

There’s no secret the New England Patriots roster is aging. While Patriots HC Bill Belichick has attempted to add more depth and youth to the roster in the past NFL drafts and FA. Sadly, the Patriots roster ranks among one of the oldest aging rosters in the NFL. However, this doesn’t mean the Patriots roster isn’t talented. In fact, Patriots DB Devin McCourty ranked 2nd amongst other DBs around the league in lowest passer rating allowed in coverage since 2019, according to Patriots Pro Football Focus

The 34-year-old safety returns to the Patriots for his soon-to-be 13th season. He’s played a pivotal role in the Patriots’ success within the last decade. He’s surmounted two Pro Bowls and three Super Bowl Championships. He’s managed to find ways to be productive, as well as, lead vocally in the secondary. This offseason, it seemed Belichick debated on bringing McCourty back simply because he’s aging. However, they managed to make it work and signed McCourty back without taking a huge cap hit. He signed back to the Pats for $9 million on a one-year deal, reported Mike Reiss for ESPN.

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McCourty announced that he was returning back to New England by involving his children, Brayden and Londyn, by tweeting a video.

“Where are we going next year?” his son Brayden asked.

“Foxborough!” his daughter Londyn exclaimed.

What Has Devin McCourty Meant in New England? 

The Patriot’s captain for each of the past 11 seasons, has proven to be one of the most durable players throughout his 12th and soon-to-be 13th career with the Pats. McCourty has suited up for 188 games in addition to 24 playoff games. McCourty has the fourth most starts in NFL history in the playoffs alongside Tom Brady (47), Jerry Rice (29), and Peyton Manning (27), according to ESPN. 

He entered the league in 2010 as a first-round draft pick from Rutgers University. He turns 35 in August and is fourth in Patriots takeaways. This puts McCourty in company amongst some of the greatest Patriots to play this game. Throughout his career, he’s managed to account for 30 interceptions and possibly more depending on this upcoming season. Again while proving to be productive on the field, his leadership has helped guide and improve the secondary greatly. Belichick has expressed how vital he’s been to the team in the past years. 

In 2020, Belichick told McCourty at an awards ceremony: “It has truly been an honor to coach you, not only for what you’ve meant to our football team but to see you become a great and inspirational man. You are the ultimate role model.”

McCourty’s Expectations for the 2022-23 Season

There have been no signs leading towards a downward trajectory in production, however, he’s a bit older and this happens naturally. Many should expect him to possibly play fewer snaps than normal, especially bringing much more youthful and athletic DBs. His expectations will be to help lead this team’s young DBs as he’s leading towards the end of his fruitful career. 

With the latest inquiries of Jabrill Peppers, Malcolm Butler, and the plethora of rookie DBs the Patriots recently drafted. McCourty’s prevalent role may be to come in and mentor these guys while playing a less significant role on the field. Especially, because we have so much talent on the back end now it may relieve his duties of old.

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