Patriots Legend Slams Cam Newton and Co., And Then Says ‘Words Get Twisted’

Getty Tedy Bruschi

One of the New England Patriots greats and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi appeared on OMF on WEEI Radio on Thursday and discussed his former team. He was not kind but later tried to recant some of his statements.

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Tedy Bruschi Talks Antonio Brown Rejoining the Patriots

Antonio Brown had a short and mostly ineffective run with the Patriots in 2019. To be exact, he played in one game, made four receptions for 56 yards and a TD before being released just 11 days later when he was accused of sexual assault.

That investigation is reportedly still ongoing, but Brown is eligible to sign with an NFL team after Week 8, and a number of teams are said to be interested. The Patriots have a slew of issues in the passing game, not least of which is at wide receiver where the team is suffering from a lack of talent.

Brown’s talent has never been questioned, but lately, his ability to stay out of trouble has become the largest impediment. In any case, Bruschi was asked about Brown potentially heading back to the Patriots once he is reinstated, and the former New England linebacker dropped some bombs on his former team and their new quarterback, Cam Newton.

If I’m Antonio Brown, I’m not touching the Patriots with a 10-foot pole. And I say that because this team isn’t very good anymore. You’ve got a quarterback that I have to be open for him to get me. Do I go to Cam? Or maybe, let’s see, Russell Wilson, who can put the ball in a place where I barely have to move my hands?

Whoa. That seems harsh.

Bruschi almost immediately tried to clean up his statements. He claimed his words were twisted and that he was speaking as if he was Brown, meaning this is what the 31-year-old receiver is probably thinking.

Were Bruschi’s Comments Taken out of Context?

I understand what Bruschi is saying, and how this can be confused. However, I’m not buying it for one second. These shots were too specific and had too much of the personality he’s shown regularly on-air for me to believe that he wasn’t also speaking for himself while trying to channel Brown.

Also, this take would be consistent with the sky-is-falling mentality that is running ramped across the NFL when it comes to the Patriots. There is no question the team has work to do, and the wide receivers and tight end position need to be improved, but in many ways, people are simply waiting on the Patriots to fall off, so their reign of dominance in the NFL can come to an end.

Also, hardcore Tom Brady fans would love nothing more than to see the Patriots fail while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shine. They believe it will prove who was more valuable to the dynasty, Brady or Belichick. They’re wrong because the duo was a blessing for both men.

Bruschi didn’t do a great job covering his tracks. In fact, he would have been better-served standing firm in his position.

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