Pro Bowl Linebacker Signs With Patriots For 4th Time

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he New England Patriots announced on Monday that they would be bringing back a linebacker who is quite familiar with their system.

Jamie Collins Sr. will be returning to New England for his fourth separate stint with the team. He was signed to the practice squad on Monday.

Collins began his career with the Patriots as he was drafted by New England in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He then would return to the Pats in 2019 after leaving three years prior and once again in 2021.

The linebacker has spent the majority of his career in New England, Collins has played in 122 games in his career and 76 of those came with the Patriots according to Pro Football Reference. During his time in New England, Collins racked up 318 total tackles, 18.5 sacks, 13 forced fumbles, nine interceptions, and five fumble recoveries.

What Does Bill Belichick Think of Collins?

Part of the reason that a return to New England makes sense for Collins is the fact that he is held in high regard by the Patriots head coach.

Collins intercepted Sam Darnold back in 2021 and Belichick was stunned by the play the linebacker was able to make.

“That play Jamie made, I don’t know how many players in the league can make that play. Not very many. It was a tremendous play,”  Belichick said. “He was like five yards away from the quarterback throwing as hard as he could. That’s a pretty tough catch.”

Defensive coach Jerod Mayo also talked about Belichick’s reaction on the sidelines to the play.

“I just remember hearing Coach (Belichick) on the headset like, ‘That’s unbelievable.’ And he’s been coaching a lot longer than I have,” Mayo told reporters.

Who Called Out Jack Jones?

The Patriots rookie cornerback had a banner day with a forced fumble and fumble recovery. Jones also had a pick-six on Aaron Rodgers. After the game, Jones said it was disrespectful for a quarterback to throw an out route against him.

“Personally, I find it disrespectful to throw an out route on me,” he said. “If you can get the ball outside of me, I’m no good.”

That comment caught the attention of Peter King from NBC Sports.

“Hey kid: They threw out routes on Deion Sanders! (Not many, but some.),” King wrote in his latest Football Morning in America column. “How did the 121st pick in the draft get so big-headed to think one of the best quarterbacks ever was insulting him by throwing the kind of route that’s thrown 162 times a week in the NFL? Man, that was weird.”

It’s clear that Jones isn’t lacking in confidence. He will need it as he continues to grow in his rookie season. While part of the reason for Jones’ increase in playing time was due to Jalen Mills being declared inactive on Sunday due to an injury, the rookie’s performance will have caught the attention of Patriots coaches.

But with the addition of Collins to New England’s defense, the Patriots will be hoping that he can find the fountain of youth and once again find success under Belichick’s coaching.



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