Robert Kraft Admits He’s ‘A Little Disappointed’ With ‘The Dynasty’ Docuseries

Robert Kraft

Getty Images Robert Kraft

The sports documentary series Apple TV+’s “The Dynasty” on the New England Patriots’ remarkable two-decade reign has sparked polarizing opinions. While it garnered acclaim for its cinematic storytelling, it drew criticism for its apparent focus on controversies rather than celebrating the team’s unparalleled success. Even team owner Robert Kraft, initially supportive of the project, has expressed his disappointment with its direction.

Amidst skipping pivotal Super Bowl victories, delving deep into controversies like Spygate and Deflategate, and dedicating substantial screen time to off-field dramas, the series strayed from highlighting what truly defined the Patriots’ dynasty.

Kraft’s sentiments mirror many fans disheartened by the docuseries’ emphasis on contentious narratives. “I loved the first three episodes,” Kraft remarked per ESPN’s Mike Reiss, acknowledging the focus on the team’s journey to its maiden Super Bowl triumph.

However, he lamented the disproportionate attention given to controversies over their 20-year legacy, wishing to celebrate their Super Bowl victories and historic win streaks more. “I felt bad that there was so much emphasis on the more controversial and, let’s say, ‘challenging’ situations over the last 20 years. I wish they had focused more on our Super Bowl wins, our 21-game win streak.”

Did Kraft Play a Role in ‘The Dynasty’ Production?

According to Mike Reiss, Kraft was solely questioned about the series and not queried about the conspicuous copyright attribution to “Kraft Dynasty LLC 2024” that appeared after each episode. This detail has sparked speculation among observers, with conjectures swirling that Kraft might possess ownership rights and even have played a more direct role in the production process.

While the team has refrained from offering an official statement on the matter, it’s purported that the copyright acknowledgment is linked to safeguarding the proprietary materials furnished by the team to the documentary producers. This explanation suggests that including “Kraft Dynasty LLC 2024” in the credits may serve a legal purpose rather than indicating direct ownership or extensive involvement in the project by Kraft himself.

Director Matthew Hamachek clarified on the Greg Hill Show that the LLC was created to protect the footage used in the series.

Hamachek also clarified misconceptions surrounding the Krafts’ involvement in the series, affirming they had no editorial control over the documentary. Despite speculation, Hamachek emphasized that the Krafts’ input was limited, with final approval granted only upon project completion. He spoke on the subject on the Toucher & Hardy Show. “The answer is this. No, there’s no great conspiracy where the Krafts are behind the scenes. They had no editorial control over this thing whatsoever. Zero. None. Nothing, really,” Hamachek said when asked about the Krafts’ involvement in the project.

Kraft Goes Mum on ‘The Dynasty’ Portyal of Bill Belichick

The portrayal of former head coach Bill Belichick also stirred controversy. While Belichick’s reserved demeanor during interviews contributed to the narrative, some aspects of the series painted a seemingly unfair picture of his tenure. Notably, the implication is that Belichick should have foreseen and acted on Aaron Hernandez’s actions prior to the tragedy that unfolded.

When questioned directly about the portrayal of Bill Belichick in the series, Kraft chose to navigate the inquiry delicately. In response to the query, Kraft sidestepped addressing the specific portrayal of Belichick and instead emphasized his deep appreciation for the coach’s tenure with the Patriots. “Look, I’ll state this clearly: I feel so privileged that we had Bill here,” Kraft affirmed, expressing gratitude for Belichick’s contributions to the team’s success over the years.

While “The Dynasty” may have sparked debate among fans and critics alike, Kraft’s introspective comments offer insight into the challenges and triumphs of overseeing one of the most dominant dynasties in NFL history. As the series continues to provoke discussion, it underscores the enduring legacy of the Patriots’ unparalleled success under Kraft’s stewardship.