Patriots Urged to Trade for Elite QB Who Can Be ‘Head Chef’

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Could another name be added to the NFL’s intriguing QB carousel soon? Possibly, and if so, one New England Patriots writer wants Bill Belichick and Co. in on the action.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has recently vented his frustrations with his current team. In this climate of signal-caller change, that’s all it takes to spark speculation related to everyone with a need at the sport’s most important position.

Patriots Maven’s Arnav Sharma wrote an open letter to Wilson from the hopeful perspective of a well-informed diehard fan of the franchise. Sharma sees what he believes to be a natural fit for the team and player. He refers to Wilson as a potential “head chef” in the Patriots’ metaphorical kitchen, and he insists a trade to New England would quench fans’ desire to see Russ cook.

Here’s an excerpt from Sharma’s article:

The New England offensive line was the fourth-best offensive line in the league, per PFF. Our star-studded stalwart in the trenches, including linemen Shaq Mason, Michael Onwenu, and Isaiah Wynn, can give you a level of security unlike any you’ve enjoyed in your career. You’ll not only save money on medical bills, but you’ll actually have time to stand in the pocket and pick apart defenses. What’s scarier than a quarterback with an elite deep ball? A quarterback with an elite deep ball and time. And sure, we may not have the greatest weapons at the moment, and the jump from DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett to N’Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers might be a little daunting. But reports have said Bill Belichick wants to be aggressive in his roster reconstruction this offseason; perhaps joining the team will give you a say in who you want to pass to. At any given point, we are only a single star free agent signing away from opening up the passing game.

Sharma seems to have a few ideas about overcoming some of the potential objections, but this is still a very far-fetched concept.

How Did All of This Start?

Wilson appeared on an episode of the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday, February 9.

In this episode, Wilson expressed some concern with the Seahawks organization. He referenced getting “hit too much” and expressed a desire to have input in player personnel decisions.


The portion of the interview when Wilson talks about wanting to be a part of the team’s front office decisions is in the tweet below:


It certainly sounds like the beginning of a potential break up.

Wilson is an intelligent man. His willingness to publicly share his issues with the organization didn’t come off as an overly emotional and misguided rant. It came off as a calculated move, perhaps designed to start the conversation that would lead to a trade or to potentially light a fire under Seahawks management’s tails. Maybe that’s his way of pushing them to offer more in the form of offensive line help.

Wilson is 32 years old, and he knows not everyone will play well into their 40s like Tom Brady. There is suddenly a sense of urgency, and clearly, he wants the Seahawks to get on his level. 

According to Patrick (h/t Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk), the Seahawks organization reportedly wasn’t amused with Wilson’s public candor. According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the Seahawks have been getting calls from other teams about Wilson’s availability.

Are the Patriots Serious Contenders for Wilson?

Sharma and others pointed to quotes from Belichick just ahead of the Patriots and Seahawks’ Week 2 matchup in 2020 to prove the feasibility of a potential trade to New England. 

While there is some level of admiration for Wilson from Belichick, there is more required than an appreciation of talent to swing what would be a monumental trade. In 2019, Wilson signed a 4-year, $140 million extension with Seattle, so there is a considerable money factor on top of the massive trade offer that would be necessary to pry the perennial Pro-Bowler away from the Emerald City.

Belichick has given some the impression that he plans to be very aggressive this offseason, but the level of aggression needed to get the Seahawks to move Wilson might be beyond that scope.

Still, Sharma and other Patriots fans can dream.

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