Twitter Roasts Patriots’ Unhappy WR After Trade Demand

Getty NKeal Harry

The Twitterverse was unkind to the New England PatriotsN’Keal Harry after the disappointing former first-round pick requested a trade through his agent on Tuesday.

Harry was set to head into training camp ahead of his third season with the Patriots later this month. A potential battle for a roster spot was likely, and some had predicted Harry would be the odd man out. If Harry gets his wish, he will get a fresh start with another club where the circumstances may be different.

Here is the statement that was posted by’s Mike Garafolo from Harry’s agent Jamal Tooson:

For the past several months, I have been working in cooperation with the Patriots behind the scenes to put a plan in place to allow N’Keal to thrive in New England. Through two seasons, he has 86 targets, which obviously hasn’t met the expectations the Patriots and N’Keal had when they drafted a dominant downfield threat who was virtually unstoppable at the point of attack in college. Following numerous conversations with the Patriots, I believe it’s time for a fresh start and best for both parties if N’Keal moves on before the start of training camp. That is why I have informed the Patriots today I am formally requesting a trade on behalf of my client. N’Keal understands a key ingredient to production is opportunity. He will continue to work hard to develop and refine his craft after missing a large portion of his rookie year to injury. His draft-day expectations for his NFL career have not changed. We are confident success is just around the corner for him and will aggressively pursue it.

Twitter Roasts Harry for His Trade Request

As you might expect, everyone with at least a fleeting interest in the Patriots had a take on Harry’s trade request. Barstool Sports tweeted: “N’Keal Harry Requests a Trade in the Cringiest Way Possible.

NFL SpinZone called Harry “a disaster,” and said his tenure with the Patriots seemed to “be coming to a merciful end.”

Damon Amendolara of CBS Sports took umbrage with the assumption that Harry and his agent were blaming the Patriots for the player’s failure.

Deadspin tweeted, “N’Keal Harry has lost his mind.”

KC Kingdom and pro-Kansas-City-Chiefs account wants their team to steer clear of Harry on the trade market.

Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson called Harry a “cautionary tale of WR scouting.”

USA Today’s Henry McKenna didn’t bother with anything other a stat comparison of Harry,  and the other receivers drafted in the first and second round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Harry’s Trade Request and Failure is an Indictment on the Patriots’ WR Development

While most of the jokes were on Harry, some pointed out this unceremonious exit also further reveals the Patriots’ inability to spot and develop quality receivers. The Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer wrote:

They can’t afford to wait for a third-year breakout that’s unlikely to come from Harry, at least in their offense. Harry, only 23 and once a big-time playmaker at Arizona State, has too much raw talent not to see some interest. To the Patriots, he is the latest drafted wideout to go through the revolving door after not being a good fit for their demanding scheme.

It is tough to tell how much of the blame falls on Harry and what level sits with the Patriots and their offense. However, it is undeniable, this arrangement has been a failure.

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