Latest Bill Belichick, Giants Update Is Bad News for Brian Daboll

Bill Belichick

Getty Rumors about Bill Belichick and the New York Giants aren't going away.

Brian Daboll needs his third season as head coach of the New York Giants to go well, because Bill Belichick might be waiting in the wings. The six-time Super Bowl winner couldn’t find a job this offseason after being let go by the New England Patriots, but Belichick remains interested in coaching the Giants or two of their NFC East rivals, according to a report from ESPN.

Written by the Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham and Jeremy Fowler, the report revealed Belichick’s “believed to be biding his time until next January for openings on teams he has told confidants he would be interested in coaching: the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.”

There are a few things going on here, all of which could spell trouble for Daboll. First, Belichick has an obvious connection to the Giants dating back to his successful stint as defensive coordinator that included winning the 1987 and ’91 Super Bowls.

Aside from the affinity between coach and franchise, the Giants would surely act before seeing Belichick coach either the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys. That scenario might be unavoidable, according to “A source who spoke with a longtime friend of Belichick said the friend wonders if the coach will have another opportunity: ‘I don’t think Bill Belichick will ever be a head coach again in the National Football League,’ the friend said. ‘Unless it’s [for] Jerry Jones.'”

Why wouldn’t the Giants try and block having to go up against Belichick twice a season? Especially when it would be as simple as inviting him back to an organization he loves?

The possibility means Daboll likely has little margin for error coming off a 6-11 campaign. He needs to win big, now.

Bill Belichick, Giants Reunion Has Risks

This is far from the first time the idea of Belichick returning to the Giants has been floated. The team was named a dark horse for the decorated coach’s services back in January. Before that, author Gary Myers had downplayed a reunion in November.

Myers has since changed his mind, telling Decyfr Sport why the coach who turned 72 on Tuesday, April 16 might welcome a return to the Giants: “I think, all things being equal, meaning opportunity to win and have a little bit of control, all those things being equal, I think the Giants would be his first choice.”

Myers’ reference to “control” is significant. It’s one reason why Belichick couldn’t find work this offseason, according to the ESPN report: “most team owners are loath to grant a single person as much power as Belichick wielded in New England, even with his career results. Owners now value collaboration and cooperation among football operations, the coaching staff and other team executives. Most reject the fear and leverage that fuelled New England’s dynasty.”

Handing Belichick the keys to the kingdom would be a risk for the Giants. A risk compounded by how much Belichick struggled to keep the Patriots on track after Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

It’s believed by ESPN Belichick’s “recent run of busted draft picks and underperforming personnel decisions, particularly at quarterback, and a combined 29-39 record since he opened the door for Brady to leave New England,” contributed in part to his failure to land a new job.

Despite any reservations, there’s a reason rumors about Belichick and the Giants aren’t going away.

Bill Belichick Replacing Brian Daboll Makes Sense

A Belichick and Giants reunion makes a lot of sense, and not just because it would represent his NFL coaching journey going full circle. Belichick knows the franchise and the area well.

Specifically, he knows what it takes to play winning football in the frigid north East during the dog days of winter. In those moments, Belichick’s defensive-minded, run-first caution becomes an asset.

Speaking of defense, Belichick knows how much that side of the ball is valued by the Giants. Great defenses are part of franchise lore, with Belichick coaching two of the best in 1986 and ’90, crafting a gameplan that helped the latter famously upset the high-powered Buffalo Bills.

Belichick would be a safe bet to turn a capable but underperforming Giants defense containing nose tackle Dexter Lawrence II, middle linebacker Bobby Okereke and edge-rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux into a dominant unit.

If he did, his efforts would ironically come at the expense of Daboll, who had two stints on Belichick’s staff with the Patriots. Daboll looked like one of the few Belichick proteges set to make the grade as a head coach after guiding the Giants to a surprise playoff berth in 2022.

Things unravelled rapidly last season, amid talk Daboll was at odds with his coordinators. Any repeat of dysfunction leading to losses will only keep the Belichick chatter going throughout the 2024 season.