Giants OC Has Big Plans For Offense In 2022

Mike Kafka Giants

Getty OC Mike Kafka has high expectations for Giants offense

New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and head coach Brian Daboll believe that they are constructing what could be an elite offense.

The pairing of Kafka and Daboll are also trying to figure out if quarterback Daniel Jones is the future of their franchise.

From what the Giants have seen so far, this decision is still up in the air for Jones. He has shined at times, but many of the struggles that plagued him in the past are still present.

Recently, Kafka spoke to reporters about Daniel Jones and the offense as a whole. When speaking about his fourth-year quarterback, the Giant’s offensive coordinator had a lot to say.

Kafka spoke highly of his quarterback, saying “Daniel is doing a great job. He’s doing a great job. We’re throwing a lot at him offensively; he’s seen a lot defensively and that’s all just going to help us.”

After giving credit to Jones, Kafka also took a moment to acknowledge the entire offensive staff and players.

He said, “I’m really proud of where the staff has come from where we started to where we are now. I’m really proud of where the players are from where we started to where we are at. Again, we’re still going through the process that I keep stressing with those guys. Continue to stay on that process, continue learning, continue throwing and we’ll continue to get better.”

Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka took on a Giants offense that was among the worst in league history in 2021. They are now determined to fix the mess left by the old regime.

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History Of Daboll And Kafka

Both Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka played roles in the success of two of the best offenses in recent NFL history.

From 2018 to 2021, Daboll served as the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He helped transform the Bills into an elite offensive unit. This offense finished the season with the third most points per game in the NFL. They averaged 28.4 points per contest on the season.

Daboll was also credited with helping quarterback Josh Allen become the player that he is now. If he can help Daniel Jones go down the same path as Allen, this Giants team could have their quarterback of the future.

Much like Daboll, Kafka also played an integral role in the success of an elite offense. Before joining the Giants, Kafka served as both the quarterback’s coach and the passing game coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both the Bills’ and Chiefs’ offenses are among the best in NFL history. This Giants offense is expected to refelt both of these teams very much.

Kafka was asked two questions regarding the Giant’s offense. When would it take on a life of its own, and how long would it reflect both the Bills and the Chiefs?

In response, Kafka explained that this has already begun. He stated, “Well, I think it is. I think that’s already happened and happening. I think that’s a constant process though. I don’t think that ever stops. You’re growing in that and learning what we do best, learning what our guys can do and want to do I think is a big thing, and continuing to work through that. So, I don’t think that every stop, I think it is our system, I think we’ve made a lot of those changes, we’ve learned a lot through camp, and we’ll continue to do so.”

The 2021 Giants offense finished the season with the second lowest amount of points scored. If this new regime wants to bring in past things that have made them successful, it would make sense. Kafka saying that this new system has already begun to develop into its own things should be encouraging. With an offense full of this many athletic playmakers, the potential is limitless.

Tyrod Taylor’s Impact

While the Giants are committed to Daniel Jones, backup Tyrod Taylor is still worth keeping an eye on.

Throughout his career, Taylor has been a strong player when given the opportunity. As he continues to be a veteran presence on this Giants team, he continues to earn praise from those around him.

Kafka was asked about Taylor, and what he has seen from the veteran quarterback. When answering, Kafka was clear to acknowledge how solid Taylor has been, saying, “I love working with Tyrod. He puts in all the work. He’s a true pro before practice, post-practice, in the meetings, and on the field. He does a great job communicating with Daniel, giving him some insight – he’s a veteran guy so he’s seen a lot and done a lot. He’s got a great skillset – he’s mobile, he can run around a little bit, he’s a really smart guy and gets the o-line on the same page, and he understands what he wants to get done from a protection standpoint. I’ve been really happy with what Tyrod’s been doing.”

As noted, this is a true make-or-break year for Daniel Jones. If he were to struggle, there is a real possibility that Taylor gets an opportunity to take the field.

In recent practices, Taylor has been seen taking first-team reps. This is being treated as a precautionary act in case Jones goes down. This allows Taylor to work with the first-team unit. But it could still be worth keeping an eye on.

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