Elite Pass Catcher Wants to Play With Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass ahead of an NFL game.

Georgia tight end Brock Bowers was asked at the NFL Combine which quarterback would he like to catch passes from at the next level. He gave two answers, Patrick Mahomes, and New York Jets star Aaron Rodgers.

“Aaron Rodgers, I mean he is kind of one of the best to do it. Learning under him would be awesome,” Bowers told Connor Rogers of NBC Sports.

Bowers reiterated that message when he spoke at the podium to the entire media circuit in Indianapolis.

“Oh, it would be pretty sweet [to play with Rodgers]. He is one of the best of all time to do it at quarterback. It would be cool to learn under him, play with him, and hopefully learn some stuff,” Bowers said.

Buzz at NFL Combine Connecting Jets and Bowers

The feeling might be mutual.

“In all likelihood, the Jets are going to go with an offensive tackle at [pick] No. 10 but one of the whispers that is getting a little louder here at the NFL Combine is Brock Bowers as a possibility for [the Jets] and it’s easy to see why,” Connor Hughes of SNY said.

Connor Rogers emphatically said Bowers “is better than Kyle Pitts. I mean I’ll come out and say that.”

Pitts was the No. 4 overall pick in the first round to the Atlanta Falcons in the 2021 NFL draft. When that occurred he became the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history.

A lot of Jets fans appear squeamish at the idea of taking a tight end in the first round considering the other obvious needs on the team.

However, Rogers argued he is “not just a tight end.”

“This is a guy that lines up in the backfield, the slot, out wide, and on the line of scrimmage obviously,” Rogers continued. “[He] is not a traditional tight end. This is a guy you can legitimately design and manufacture touches [for]. He is so good with the ball in his hands. You can throw the ball down the field to him because he can climb the ladder and make plays above the rim. He is just a special special prospect and I think that comes back to why he is a variable for the Jets at [pick] 10. If this guy is so much better than the [offensive] tackle we’re going to take, let’s figure out the value here and maybe consider taking Bowers as a weapon for Aaron Rodgers.”

A Lofty Comparison for Jets Fans to Dream About

One of the top needs for the Jets this offseason is finding a Robin to Garrett Wilson’s Batman. Most people have assumed that player will come in the form of a wide receiver.

However, Connor Hughes of SNY argued that things have changed in the NFL over the years.

“The days of having to have two wide receivers… people are changing. Your top 2 options in the passing game can be a stud tight end & a receiver. Look at what the Chiefs did with [Travis] Kelce & [Tyreek] Hill for so many years,” Hughes explained on “The Jake Asman Show.”

The Jets just need another threat on the offensive side of the ball that can force opposing defenses to make a business decision. That would open up things for Wilson and spread opportunities on offense.

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