Aaron Rodgers, Jets Teammates Participated in Unique Bonding Activity

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers holding his new jersey up for some photos.

The New York Jets are employing some unique workouts to increase team chemistry with Aaron Rodgers and all of the other players on the roster during the offseason.

On the team website, Gang Green revealed that they invited the Acumen Performance Group to 1 Jets Drive. APG is a group of retired U.S. Navy SEALs that helped the squad “partake in team building, leadership, and communication exercises.”

Mission Success for the Jets and Aaron Rodgers

I shared several of the photos from the workout on my social media feed. Rodgers, Justin Hardee, and Sauce Gardner were captured carrying a massive log in the middle of the practice field.

On the Jets team website they posted 57 photos from the workout and you can view the full gallery here.

On the APG website, they say their mission statement is, “We don’t create talent, we unleash it. APG can help you stack the odds in your favor!”

The goal of the group is to boost “your team’s skills with our leadership development company.”

The Acumen Performance Group helps discover and develop leaders “within your organization.” They do work with corporate companies or with athletic representatives (sports teams).

Depending on where the group is hired to go they provide a variety of team-building exercises that are designed to increase synergy, creativity, foster a teamwork-driven atmosphere, and help enhance focus.

The Secret Sauce to Unlocking Jets True Potential

Gang Green possesses one of the most talented roster iterations they’ve had in some time.

However, as we’ve seen throughout football history it is about more than simply collecting a bunch of talent together on a singular team.

The Acumen Performance Group highlighted a popular Michael Jordan quote on its website, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Gang Green hasn’t been to the playoffs since the 2010 season, but its goals are much grander than ending that postseason drought. When you acquire a player of Rodgers’ capabilities you’re doing so in hopes of winning the Super Bowl.

On the new Jets documentary, Flight 23 Ascension, Rodgers said a big reason he chose the Jets is because of what he thinks they’re capable of.

“I feel like the pieces are in place to make a run to get another one of those trophies.”

APG prides itself on the importance of teamwork and helping players “buy in” to a team’s vision.

“APG athletic team building programs help a variety of teams and other athletic organizations get everyone – players, coaches, trainers, and other staff – to buy into the same vision of what the team can be and what they can achieve together,” they explain on the website’s athletic subsection. “With athletic team building from APG, teams of all sizes in all kinds of sports will develop the mental toughness, fortitude, and bonds necessary to compete and succeed at the championship level.”

Back during the summer of 2022 Jets head coach Robert Saleh explained why he wears the 60 percent t-shirt during training camp.

“Everyone knows I kind of have an infatuation with the Navy SEALs, there is a lot of respect for them. They talk about fight or flight. Everybody’s fight or flight doesn’t kick in until you have achieved 40 percent of what you’re capable of. Everyone’s 40 percent is different so when you’re on the field and you feel like you’ve gone far enough you’ve only accessed 40 percent of what you’re capable of, and you got 60 percent more. To get into it, you have to go to a dark place. The darker you get the more you’ll access.”

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