New Details Emerge on Proposed Aaron Rodgers Jets-Packers Trade

Aaron Rodgers, Jets

Getty Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers trying to evade some pressure from the New York Jets defense.

We have now received some clarity on what it could cost to pull off one of the biggest trades in NFL history.

Peter King of NBC Sports broke down the ever-evolving situation with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“As for the compensation due Green Bay, my guess is the Pack would want at least two first-round picks. The Woody Johnson Jets, desperate for a star QB almost since the Broadway Joe days, would happily pay that freight, I’d guess. But would Rodgers accept a deal to the Jets? We shall see.”

An Explanation of How a Jets-Packers Trade Could Work for Aaron Rodgers

The Jets are currently $2 million over the cap, per OTC.

However, despite their current salary cap situation, NFL cap expert Jason of OTC said the Jets can afford Rodgers and said “the owner would be more than happy to bring in that kind of name.”

Ben Rolfe of the Pro Football Network did a really good job of explaining how the cap hits will work for the team that trades for Rodgers this offseason and moving forward:

  • 2023: $15.8 million
  • 2024: $32.5 million
  • 2025: $51.1 million
  • 2026: $45.5 million

Another potential factor in any Packers-Jets trade conversations could be one of the sides eating more money. For example, Green Bay could eat a larger portion of the contract if they receive better draft pick compensation.

Aaron Rodgers Packers-Jets Trade Would Mean Going All In

The harsh reality is Rodgers at 39 years of age is much closer to the end of his football journey than the beginning.

He is currently contemplating retirement and there’s a chance he chooses to walk away. If he doesn’t this offseason, it sure seems like it is right around the corner.

Owner Woody Johnson said there won’t be a playoff mandate on head coach Robert Saleh or general manager Joe Douglas.

However he did say that “this team is loaded, I think, and ready to go.” In a separate thought, he also said he believes the quarterback is the “missing piece.”

That sure sounds like a man who is willing to go all in. There is no greater all-in move than making a blockbuster trade for Rodgers.

Johnson loves winning headlines and this would certainly apply.

Rodgers would be the best and most decorated quarterback this organization has ever had. While he might rub some people the wrong way with his attitude and political beliefs, the results speak for themselves.

This would be a short-sighted move that is all about right now and not about the future. Sometimes in life, you have to decide when the moment is right to pull off a move of this magnitude.

This offseason might prove to be the perfect storm for the Jets. A team that has a young crop of talent, a top-five defense, and all they need is a quarterback to help take everyone over the top.

This also could prove to be a perfect storm for Rodgers who would have a chance to win a second Super Bowl championship which could allow him the Hollywood script of walking off into the sunset after winning it.

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