NFL Analyst Makes Eye-Opening Justin Fields-Jets Statement

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Getty Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields thinking things over after a hotly-contested NFL game.

Being a general manager in the NFL is one of the greatest and one of the worst jobs in the United States of America.

On one hand, you’re one of only 32 people that hold that position on the planet which is pretty neat. Although on the other hand every single move you make is scrutinized under a microscope.

That is especially true when you’re the GM of the New York Jets.

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A Decision Potentially Filled With Regret

Back in April’s draft, Jets’ GM Joe Douglas made the most important decision of his tenure by selecting Zach Wilson No. 2 overall out of BYU.

By selecting a quarterback that high in the draft, Douglas is investing the entire organization’s future and quite frankly his own.

Through the first 13 games of the 2021 season, it has been an incomplete picture for the rookie quarterback.

Wilson was forced to miss four and a half games in the middle of the season due to a PCL strain, but has shown some high and low moments:

  • Nine games played
  • 8 total touchdowns to 11 interceptions
  • 56.1 completion percentage

Those inconsistencies have led to some people questioning the pick entirely.

On I’m Just Saying with Brian Mazique an NFL analyst made an eye-opening statement about regret:

“For the life of me, I can’t think of Zach Wilson without thinking of Justin Fields,” said NFL analyst Jonathan Adams. “It boggles my mind that this guy balled out in college and every time I see Wilson, I think about Fields and how angry I’d be if I was a Jets fan because every time I saw Wilson I’d think why didn’t my team take Fields?”

There was a large collection of Jets fans who preferred Fields to Wilson in the leadup to the draft. Although so far in the NFL, they have both dealt with their own struggles.

It is too early for any of these conversations, whether Wilson or Fields will be busts or stars is still to be determined.

Everyone Is Struggling Mightily

Five quarterbacks ended up going in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft and will forever be compared and linked to one another.

Although in fairness, outside of Mac Jones in New England, everyone is struggling in their new locale:

A lot of people have debated on social media whether that last fun fact should make you feel any better about Wilson struggling with the Jets.

Here is what is important to note, most of the rookie quarterbacks are struggling because 99 percent of the time rookie quarterbacks struggle in the NFL.

It is completely natural, but with that being said you also want to see improvements from Wilson through the final four games of the season.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be wins or highlight plays, it just has to be incremental progress. One very low bar to clear that would make a lot of fans feel better heading into the offseason is successfully running the offense.

Call it a Mike White type performance versus the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this year. He didn’t have many wow plays that would’ve cracked the SportsCenter top-10, but White was efficient, accurate, and moved the ball.

Wilson has struggled recently completing short passes because people are dropping the ball and he is getting in his own head. He is obviously talented enough to complete these passes and it’s time to remove the excuses and get the job done.

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