Jets Could Make Sense for 49ers Star Facing ‘Fair Possibility’ of Trade

Robert Saleh 49ers

Getty Former San Francisco 49ers coach Robert Saleh on the sideline of an NFL game.

The New York Jets have lived up to the talk at the beginning of the offseason that they would be aggressive in the trade market to upgrade the talent on the roster.

While they haven’t connected yet, the Jets have certainly thrown their fair share of left hooks.

Just because they haven’t made contact, that doesn’t mean they should give up. There is at least one more strong swing they should take on a player who actually has a much better chance of getting traded than you would’ve originally thought.

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Oh My Goodness

In what has turned out to be the craziest offseason in NFL history, we have seen nine trades in a 16-day span featuring over 39 Pro Bowl selections being moved. What is the next one to watch out for?

Well according to Jose Sanchez III who covers the San Francisco 49ers for Sports Illustrated, that could be Deebo Samuel.

He recently explored the possibility in a column and explained why it is more realistic than one might think.

The 26-year-old is entering the last year of his rookie contract in 2022 with a cap hit of $4.8 million.

According to Spotrac’s market value, Samuel is expected to land a deal that pays him $18.1 million per season on a multi-year contract. That figure would make him the sixth highest-paid wideout in football.

However, that is where we get into some issues.

Is Samuel a wide receiver? Is he a running back? Is he both? If you consider him both, do you split the difference on a new deal or will Samuel say hey I do both, so you should pay me more than either position?

There are so many questions and so few answers heading into a contract year.

With all of that uncertainty, Sanchez says “without question” the 49ers could trade Samuel and added to that by saying, trading him is a “fair possibility.”

One of his reasons for that is two far superior players, as he put it, in Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams were dealt, why can’t Samuel be next? One of the reasons each of those star players was dealt was due to contractual issues and that is exactly what Samuel could be facing this offseason.

Despite his incredible talent and importance to the 49ers’ offense, Sanchez reiterated that no player is “off-limits” via trade including Samuel.

Literally the Perfect Fit

Ever since Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur were brought over to the Jets, the question among fans was how do we find the next Deebo Samuel?

That has led to a lot of speculation with players in free agency, the draft, and of course the trade market.

However, the overall sentiment I kept getting from NFL people is “there’s only one Samuel.”

With that being the case, the perfect person to be the next Samuel for the Jets is in fact Samuel himself.

The former South Carolina product has been a weapon of mass destruction that can make plays in so many different ways:

  • 3,148 yards from scrimmage
  • 21 total touchdowns
  • 167 receptions
  • 12.7 scrimmage yards per touch

It would take a king’s ransom to land the talented star that would likely include multiple draft selections and a brand new contract extension.

Although as we saw with the Hill deal, that is something the Jets are willing to pull the trigger on for the right player.

Samuel does come with a level of risk that Gang Green would have to be comfortable with. The talented stud has never played a full season in three years and has missed a grand total of 11 games during that stretch.

Although with how often Samuel has the ball in his hands, the durability questions shouldn’t be that surprising. In a game that is as violent as the NFL and with his unique and physical playing style that is going to come with the territory.

Although the good far outweighs the potential negative. He is an ideal scheme fit, brings a tough/physical mentality that’ll be infectious to his teammates, and would immediately be the No. 1 straw that stirs the drink for the Jets.

If there is even a remote possibility that he could be had, the Jets must do everything in their power to pry him from the west coast.

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