Zach Wilson’s Mom Trolls Internet Over Jets Dating Drama

Zach Wilson, Jets

Lisa Wilson\'s Instagram New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson posing with his mom Lisa at the 2021 NFL Draft.

Zach Wilson’s mom has now entered the chat.

After all the dating drama with her son over the weekend, she has now decided to get in on all the fun with New York Jets Twitter.

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Oh Boy

Lisa Wilson took to her Instagram story to troll the internet over the unsubstantiated rumors that her son slept with one of her best friends.

Lisa appeared to be leading some type of workout class when she started parading around the room saying, “look how sexy my friends are” while laughing, and then said, “all the sexy badass people got out of bed today.” She then turned the camera to show all the women in the room.

It seems like fans of the Jets and this story, in general, have been on a desperate search to find out who this alleged woman could be.

Heck, even Colin Cowherd said he spent a chunk of his night trying to find out “what did Zach Wilson’s mom’s best friend” look like on his show The Herd:

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That has led some people to go as far as finding out who Lisa’s friends actually are and calling them to do some interrogation to get to the truth according to the New York Post.

This story was trending over the weekend and it hasn’t stopped with jokes continuing to fly in from all walks of social media.

The Jokes Won’t Stop

People have gotten pretty creative with their jokes including some topical Stranger Things references.

One of the funniest parts of this is the fact that Wilson played at BYU whose mascot happens to be a Cougar.

Adam Patrick went back into the vault with a That 70’s Show reference which connects Wilson and Eric Foreman.

A common clap-back to someone when we were kids was “your mom” but apparently Wilson’s childhood friends will have to reevaluate how they feel about that joke now.

The Jets have done a really good job this offseason of adding talent on the offensive side of the ball. So much so that many expect the second-year quarterback to take a leap in 2022. Apparently, a late addition to the roster could be another weapon to consider.

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Another piece of this puzzle is the Mormon or perhaps more moms as Terry put it on Twitter.

The out-of-context photos that get a hilarious caption have been a juicy combination on social media.

You can never go wrong with Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby reference.

That could be an awkward conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

We have to save the best for last and it is a combination of the Jets’ recent lack of offensive success with a topical joke.

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