Talented Jets Youngster Flopped in Camp: ‘Doesn’t Deserve a Spot’

Kenny Yeboah, Jets

Getty New York Jets tight end Kenny Yeboah trying to make a play during a preseason game versus the New York Giants.

We have reached several milestones on the NFL calendar.

Training camps across the league are officially over in 2022 and the same can be said for the preseason. That means the next thing on the docket is the regular season opener for the New York Jets against the Baltimore Ravens.

However, before we get there, we have a few “necessary evils” as head coach Robert Saleh described it in his latest press conference. Every NFL team must cut its roster from 80 players to 53. Saleh called it the worst part of the job and these next 48 hours are going to be “miserable.”

To make it a little less miserable, it’s time for our Monday mailbag here on Heavy on Jets. Our two experts: Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden Jr and Michael Obermuller will answer the top questions that are buzzing in Jets land.

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Surprises and Disappointments

1. The preseason is officially over, which Jets player emerged from the pack?


So many players have emerged, from undrafted rookies like Irvin Charles to veteran acquisitions like Tyler Conklin.

Having said that, the contributor that’s really caught my eye most has been Calvin Jackson Jr., another undrafted wide receiver that has shown promise. This dude is a legitimate player, with smooth route-running and a ridiculous vertical leap.

I said it earlier today on Twitter, the Jets cannot risk letting this type of sleeper talent slip through onto waivers.

Boy Green: 

How can you not say the legend Chris Streveler?

After the New York Giants game, head coach Robert Saleh said Streveler had “probably one of the greatest preseasons in the history of football.”

Emerging indicates a player wasn’t popping before that point in time. Three games, three comebacks, it has been magical. A super fun player and an easy guy to root for.

2. Same question but opposite way, who totally dropped the ball & left you disappointed in the preseason?


I could say safety Ashtyn Davis, but his performing poorly really isn’t all that surprising or disappointing. Instead, I’ll answer tight end, Kenny Yeboah.

Many of us were waiting for the rookie to win the job last season but it never came to fruition. Now the former undrafted prospect has been replaced by three sparkly new TEs and he hasn’t done much to prove he deserves a role on the 53.

Boy Green:

Yeah, I’ll carry that torch here for a moment. The question was which player has dropped the ball or was disappointing. For a player to warrant that kind of response I must have had some previous hope or inspiration that they could be something.

That is the literal definition of Yeboah. Last year he was that shiny toy and everyone was goo-goo-ga-ga however we didn’t see that same pop on a consistent basis this year. For me I have to be blunt he doesn’t deserve a spot on the 53-man roster after his performances in training camp and the preseason.

For the first time in a long time, the Jets are deep at tight end and they don’t have to settle in 2022.

3. Go through the final roster cuts & give me a few answers: biggest surprise to make the roster, biggest surprise left off?


I’ve been studying this roster for weeks so nothing feels shocking anymore, but my answer would have certainly been considered unexpected a few weeks ago. Journeyman safety Will Parks has earned a place on this roster and general manager Joe Douglas will actually swallow his pride and keep him over recent third-round selection Ashtyn Davis.

This may not be a surprise to some but preseason standout Lawrence Cager will not make the roster. Based on how much fans want this to happen, I feel almost certain it won’t. The Jets like dual-threat tight ends and Cager is still learning how to run-block.

For that reason, and the fact that this roster is tighter than ever, Cager will just miss the cut in favor of a better blocker or a different position altogether.

Boy Green:

The biggest surprise for me will be Vinny Curry. He is a veteran and the team loves him, but they have way too many defensive linemen. Someone is going to get cut and in this case, I think it’s the veteran.

The biggest surprise to make it is Lawrence Cager. I know my partner is on the other side of this argument but that is what makes it fun. I think they keep four tight ends and this athletic freak has proven most capable.

Crystal Ball Time

4. With waiver wire claims around the corner, what is the positional area you predict Joe Douglas will attack on the roster?


The two areas that probably make the most sense are defensive tackle and linebacker. Neither feels like the strengths of the team and you could argue that there is a short supply of depth at both.

During a recent 53-man roster projection on The Athletic, NYJ beat reporter Zack Rosenblatt echoed as much about the D-tackle position. “This feels like the position at which the Jets are most likely to add another player via the waiver wire,” he voiced.

I agree and have very little faith in Sheldon Rankins or Solomon Thomas starting alongside Quinnen Williams.

Boy Green:

I read that same report from Rosenblatt: give me defensive tackles, but I’ll go in a different direction and say offensive tackle.

I have no idea what the Jets’ plan is beyond their starters and that is concerning. They need more depth because the No. 1 item of importance is the health and safety of Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

If an injury hits their starters the green and white are going to be in a very bad way. Remember they were looking at Duane Brown *PRIOR* to Mekhi Becton getting hurt. That wasn’t just due diligence, they wanted a veteran swing just in case.

They still need one many weeks later. General manager Joe Douglas will be scouring the wire for available hog mollies.

5. Is there a name that you have circled who is a roster fringe player elsewhere that would be a good fit on the Jets?


I’ll admit, I haven’t scoured the league to see which players are potential cut candidates, but I do know the Kansas City Chiefs because I report on them as well. Considering KC is the current class of the NFL with AFC championship berths in each of the past four seasons, they’re not a bad place to look when it comes to waiver claims.

Douglas actually poached defensive end Tim Ward from the Chiefs last summer and although that move never panned out as expected, the Jets GM could try and pump this well once again. After signing veteran Danny Shelton, Kansas City now has an abundance of D-tackles on the roster.

One of them is bound to get cut and the betting favorite is Taylor Stallworth, a dual-threat talent that registered three sacks and 12 QB hits for the Indianapolis Colts last season. After signing with the Chiefs this spring, the newcomer lost ground because of a training camp injury. He’s healthy now, and had a nice effort during their second preseason game against Washington.

Boy Green:

This is probably a weird one but I’m fully evaluating all of the available punting options. Braden Maan hasn’t been good at all and it’s time to blow up that 2020 NFL draft class.

The Tennessee Titans surprisingly released longtime veteran Brett Kern on Monday, August 29. He would be an option that could make some sense.

Another potential option is Sam Martin who was cut by the Denver Broncos. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network said he was a “top-five” punter last year statistically speaking. That would be an option I kick the tires on.

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