Jets Send QB Mike White to Hospital After ‘Vicious Hits’ in Bills Loss

Mike White, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Mike White receiving medical attention during an NFL game.

New York Jets quarterback Mike White was battered, beaten, and bruised during a 20-12 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

So much so that head coach Robert Saleh announced after the game on Sunday, December 11 that they were sending their quarterback to the hospital as a “precaution.”

Mike White Gets Smacked in Jets-Bills Game [WATCH]

On multiple occasions during the Jets-Bills rematch on Sunday, Mike White was smacked violently and came crashing down to the turf.

After White was hit the first time he was forced to miss two plays as he gathered himself on the sideline. On the second hit, Bills linebacker Matt Milano pile-drove White into the turf and he needed assistance to get off the field.

White was taken back to the locker room for additional medical assistance but made a dramatic return by running out of the tunnel in the fourth quarter with his helmet on.

Fans and analysts alike lost their minds on social media highlighted by BC the Man on Twitter who said White was forced to leave the game on multiple occasions because of “vicious hits.”

You could tell even when White returned to the sideline that he was grimacing in pain. However, the starting quarterback fought through the injury and the pain that came with it to get back on the field.

Robert Saleh Provides Details on Mike White’s Injury

Saleh started the Sunday, December 11 post-game press conference with an injury update on a number of Jets including White:

“Just now from a post-game evaluation, we are going to send [Mike White] to the hospital just to make sure that he’s good. It’s more precautionary than anything.”

Saleh didn’t provide many specific details but he did confirm that it was a “rib injury.”

During the CBS television broadcast, former quarterback Tony Romo speculated that it could be broken ribs which is something he dealt with on multiple occasions during his NFL career.

Saleh said when White was hurt the second time he was brought in to be evaluated he had “x-rays and all that stuff” and he was cleared to return to the Bills game.

The medical team gave the thumbs up and Saleh said White wanted to come back into the game.

Saleh said the visit to the hospital was “strictly precautionary to make sure he is safe.” Typically the fear with a potential rib injury is that it can sometimes cause internal bleeding which if left unchecked could cause a host of other issues.

According to Saleh, White is heading to the hospital but is expected to rejoin the team before they fly back to New Jersey later this evening.

All in all, White was sacked three times by this Bills’ defense and the defensive unit hit a Jets quarterback eight total times during the contest.

In addition to the sacks and quarterback hits, White was also pressured on 18 occasions.

After suffering through a lot of pain and anguish that forced him to miss portions of the contest twice, White was still able to finish the game.

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