Robert Saleh Calls Out Struggling Jets RB Breece Hall

Breece Hall, Jets

Getty New York Jets running back Breece Hall trying to make a play during an NFL game.

New York Jets running back Breece Hall got singled out by head coach Robert Saleh.

During a conference call over the weekend, Saleh explained to the media what Hall has been struggling with.

“Breece is a special talent, we all agree when the ball is in his hands, we are better but there’s grimy yards that a back has to understand that he needs to get. There is a saying that if an O-Line blocks for nothing, he has to find two. If they block it for three, he has to find six. If they block it for negative yardage then he has to find a way back to the line of scrimmage,” Saleh said.

“When you press, you are trying to create explosives all over the place. For the most part in the NFL, the O-Line is going to block it for two or three and he has to go find four or five,” Saleh explained. “That means lowering your shoulder, getting dirty, getting grimy, finishing runs, and not trying to find ways to bounce and make people miss at the line of scrimmage all the time because these guys are hunting.”

Breece Hall’s Stats Don’t Lie, Running Back Responds on Social Media

After starting the season red hot, Hall has turned ice cold.

In two of the first five games this season, the former Iowa State product erupted for a 127-yard and 177-yard rushing performance. However, over the last six weeks, Hall simply hasn’t delivered production.

He has toted the rock 70 times for 182 rushing yards. Hall is averaging 2.6 yards per rush during that stretch of time.

Hall seemed to take the viral Saleh call out in stride on social media.

“I hate that people take constructive criticism so personal. It’s just a challenge to be the best version of you,” Hall explained on X previously Twitter.

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Identifying Hall’s Issues in 2023 With the Jets

Tim McMaster bluntly said on “The Can’t Wait Podcast” on Monday, November 27 that Saleh “called out his running back.”

Zack Rosenblatt of The Athletic admitted that Saleh’s comments about Breece Hall were “surprising” and it “caught him off guard.”

Rosenblatt pointed out that Saleh refused to “say anything bad about” Zach Wilson for weeks at the podium but he was more than willing to single out one of his better young players in Hall.

“The O-Line is fighting their tails off to try and open up creases for him, coaches are trying to design the best runs that they can possibly design. 95% of runs are body blows. They are four- or five-yard runs that turn into eight and nine yarders later. When you press, you’re going to try and create an explosive every single play and you’re going to lose that style of play that makes you special,” Saleh told the media. “He is a big back, he’s 220 pounds, he’s got elite speed, but he also has elite ability to lower his shoulder and get vertical when he needs to. Once he reconnects to that, I think it’ll all come back, and we’ll start seeing him for what we know he is.”

Rosenblatt said it’s important to remember that Hall tore his ACL in 2022. While Hall showed flashes early in the season, Rosenblatt said he saw the same sort of signs from New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley when he covered him coming off of a torn ACL.

The Jets offensive line has been marred by injuries and every opposing defense knows Hall is getting the ball and they scheme around it.

Hall admitted to the media that he has been pressing over the last few weeks as the offense as a whole has continued to struggle. Saleh’s message has been to take what the defense gives you and everything else will fall into place.

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