Robert Saleh Provides Hilarious Motivation Ahead of Jets-Dolphins Game

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh celebrating with some of his players after a touchdown.

The New York Jets 2022 season will come to a close on Sunday, January 8.

Although the same sense of finality isn’t guaranteed to be there for the Miami Dolphins, they can make the playoffs if they beat Gang Green and get some help.

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked during his Wednesday, January 4 media availability about the role of spoiler:

“You can ask the players but it’s the same thing another championship game, I know it’s technically not but you gotta keep your mindset. Anytime you have a chance to step on the field you have to step on the gas and do the absolute best you can. Would it be nice to have [Mike] McDaniel hanging out with me poolside in a couple of weeks? You’re damn right it would.”

Jets Want to Stop the Madness in Week 18

To say the Jets collapsed in the second half of their season would be a massive understatement.

Gang Green is currently in the midst of a five-game losing streak and has lost seven of their last nine.

The Jets have been eliminated from playoff contention for the 12th consecutive season which is both the longest active drought in the NFL and the longest drought in franchise history.

Technically speaking for the Jets’ side of things this game is completely meaningless on the surface. A win or loss won’t change their 2022 fate, it will only slightly alter their placement in the upcoming 2023 NFL draft.

However, no one wants to enter the offseason on a six-game losing streak especially when they were on top of the world at 6-3 during the bye week earlier in the year.

This game on Sunday is about more than just playing spoiler against the rival Dolphins, this is about your pride and ending the season on the right note.

Robert Saleh Sends Strong Message on Possible Tanking

Several beat reporters asked coach Saleh if he’d be more open to playing a bunch of younger players that haven’t gotten an opportunity yet this season in the Week 18 regular-season finale. With the premise that this game is meaningless in terms of the playoff picture for the Jets.

Saleh emphatically stated that “barring an injury” this team is going to play the same guys they have been playing all year.

“A lot of guys have earned the right to finish the season strong and finish the season that they started. In this building, we have always stood firm on giving the people who deserve the opportunity to play that opportunity to play.”

Saleh used a veteran like CJ Mosley as an example of a player that if he wants to play he will absolutely play.

The Jets will be going all out for a win on Sunday, now whether or not they will get one is still to be determined.

During this five-game losing streak, the Jets have had all the motivation in the world to win with the playoffs on the line, they played all their best players and still were unable to come out with a victory.

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