Sauce Gardner Strongly Responds to Jets Trading QB Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson, Sauce Gardner

Getty New York Jets QB Zach Wilson and star cornerback Sauce Gardner.

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas revealed at the NFL Combine that he has permitted quarterback Zach Wilson to seek a trade.

A social media account on X previously Twitter, shared a “rumor alert” that claimed “no team” has expressed interest in Wilson despite his efforts to find a new team.

“In fact the Jets are being told that they will have to tie a draft pick to Wilson or eat the majority of his remaining salary in order to facilitate a trade,” the social media account shared.

Sauce Gardner responded to this account saying, “This has to be cap. Zach is a BALLER💯 All he needs is time to throw the ball and if for whatever reason he don’t have it, he can get it done with his legs.”

Latest Information on a Wilson-Jets Trade Possibility

ESPN NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler told uSTADIUM at the NFL Combine that he thinks “a team would [trade] a sixth or seventh-round pick at this stage to make Wilson a backup.”

However, the thing holding up any potential deal in Fowler’s estimation is “the money.”

Wilson has one year left on his rookie contract through 2024 and a potential fifth-year option for 2025. The former BYU passer is on the books for an $11.1 million cap hit next season. If the Jets traded Wilson and his contract as is, they would save around $5.4 million in cap space.

The acquiring team would take on $5.4 million in guaranteed salary and roster bonus.

If the Jets struggle to find takers they might have to eat some of Wilson’s salary to consummate a deal. In a perfect world, New York can move Wilson’s contract as is to save the most money.

However, it would behoove them to work with other teams. If the Jets are forced to release Wilson they will not receive any cap relief from that move. So saving any cap by moving him to another team would be better than nothing.

Wilson Almost Went Nuclear Pre-Draft to Avoid the Jets

The Wilson-Jets era is coming to an end. It isn’t a matter of if but rather when.

With the end near, stories are starting to leak from the Wilson camp.

In a recent column for the Deseret News, Ben Criddle argued that Wilson should have pulled an Eli Manning and refused to play for the Jets pre-draft.

“Trust me … there were so many conversations about so many things,” Wilson’s personal quarterback coach John Beck revealed on ESPN960. “None of that matters now, but there were a lot of people in Zach’s corner that discussed (it) a lot when those situations were happening during the pre-draft. There was a lot going on behind the scenes.”

Beck is part of Wilson’s inner circle. For him to come out and admit that they discussed that option behind the scenes is eyebrow-raising.

The former No. 2 overall pick is going to get a chance to reset his NFL career this offseason. While Jets will be seeking a new developmental young quarterback for the future in the 2024 NFL draft.

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