Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Sets Cowboys Legend Straight

Jalen Hurts

Getty Eagles QB Jalen Hurts values his relationship with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin was all hot and bothered about something that Jalen Hurts said in the locker room. His clip reacting to a passionate speech from Hurts to his teammates went viral last week. It was a talking point around the NFL.

One problem, Irvin botched the quote. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was talking about setting the proverbial thermostat and changing the temperature in the room. The Hall-of-Fame playmaker was talking about thermometers, not thermostats.

Hurts set the record straight during his appearance on The ManningCast. First, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning showed Hurts the Irvin video and let him react:

He’s something else. He’s something else. I know he’s a very passionate guy. He’s always passionate. He’s always played the game that way. I know he’s on the other side but that’s funny. That’s funny.

Then the show went to commercial break. When they came back, Peyton clarified that Irvin meant “thermostat” and not “thermometer.” Hurts confirmed the error and explained:

So that was the exact point of the message. I was just telling them: we set the temperature, we set the temperature, we don’t let anything dictate how we respond to something. We control everything. We are trying to control everything we can. That’s pretty much what it is, though.

Nick Sirianni Emphasizes Trust in Jalen Hurts

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni mentioned the word “trust” at least three times on Monday when discussing Hurts. It was a confidence overload, and it was 100% intentional. Hurts has two interceptions in 123 pass attempts this season while fumbling only twice (neither one was lost). He’s not turning the ball over.

“I think trust grows as your relationship grows, as your reps with each other grow,” Sirianni told reporters. “I think that’s like any relationship. Your trust grows based off of past experiences. I think I said this to somebody earlier today, it’s not just a blind trust. It’s not a blind faith. It’s reps built up, it’s built-up trust.”

Sirianni continued: “Obviously, when I say it like that, it is, it’s built up over the past year because he just continues to make the plays necessary when they need to be made.”

‘No One Has Endured What I’ve Endured’

Hurts was wearing a hooded sweatshirt which read “God Bless Whoever Hating On Me” when he popped up on the screen on ESPN’s The ManningCast. It was definitely appropriate considering all that he’s been through dating back to his college days.

Hurts told NFL Media’s Jeffri Chadiha that no one has endured more than him:

I can’t tell you another guy who’s endured what I’ve endured. But that’s also what makes me who I am. I think that’s what makes me different. I feel like the fact there’s nobody else who can really relate to that, I’m built for it. Regardless of what’s in the way, I’ll find a way in the end with diligence and patience.

It’s tough. It’s not easy. It’s just the mental makeup you have in terms of how you want to tackle a situation. There’s probably been a few different negatives throughout the times, but I’ve always found a way to turn those into positives and come out on top in the end.

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