Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Rips Eagles in Bizarre Rant: ‘When They Cut Me Open’

Jerry Jones

Getty Jerry Jones may be about to make a costly blunder for his Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been accused of going senile for almost a decade. Yes, it has mostly been in jest — not that a degenerative disease should ever be the butt of a joke — but Jones has delivered some eye-rolling comments that aren’t in line with the thoughts and words of a forward-thinking front-office executive.

Jones has been clinging to the title of general manager in Dallas. Even if that title is more honorary than anything else at this point, it might be time to strip him of it. Especially after hearing his delusional rant about the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. Jones was asked to assess the “aggressive offseasons” of his NFC rivals when the 80-year-old billionaire spiraled into absurdity.

“Anybody who thinks I won’t take a chance has misread the tea leaves,” Jones said, via Kevin Gray Jr. “But I do think longer term, and I’m real hesitant to bet it all for a year. There’s a lot of things that can happen for that year. In essence, we’re seeing a couple of teams [the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles] that have had some real success putting it all out there and paying for it later. We’ll see how it comes, but that’s pretty impressive to have two teams in the last two years empty the bucket and get to the Super Bowl. But if you miss, it’s a long go.”

Jones continued: “When they cut me open, it will be all those scars, heart attacks, for all those risks I took and the years I spent paying for them. My point is, I do know how to take risks. They are absolutely right. We have been in the middle here for a few years, but I like where we are right now, more in the middle. But given the opportunity, if it would make some sense, I’ve definitely got some risk-taking in me.”

Let’s review the tape: Jones just criticized the roster construction of an Eagles team owning six draft picks in 2023, including 2 first-rounders and 1 in the top 10. They are built for long-term success behind a 24-year-old franchise quarterback, along with a starting offense with an average age of 26.3. What was he talking about? On the flip side, Jones did accurately assess the Rams’ situation.

Jalen Hurts Reacts to Tom Brady’s Retirement News

Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady — the greatest quarterback to ever do it, without question — announced his retirement from the game of football on Thursday. He broke the news first thing in the morning and joked that he used up all his emotional credit last year when he retired then unretired. On Thursday, Jalen Hurts briefly touched on Brady’s exit and expressed regret about not getting a rematch.

“The oldest guy just left the game. A lot of respect to him,” Hurts told reporters. “I take time to show my respect to him, probably won’t ever be able to get him again because he ain’t playing no more, but a lot of respect for him and what he’s done for the game, and what he’s done for the position.”

Hurts lost to Brady twice in their only two career meetings: a 31-15 playoff loss in 2022, after a 28-22 defeat in the 2021 regular season. Brady was quarterbacking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in both of those matchups.

Eagles Packing Their Bags for Arizona

The Eagles are preparing to take flight for Glendale, Arizona. They will finish up a week of practice at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia on Saturday, then it’s time to hit the friendly skies and (hopefully) return with some new hardware. The franchise is looking to capture its second Lombardi Trophy in five years, and its first of the Jalen Hurts’ era.

“We have a heck of an opportunity in front of us,” Hurts said, “and we’ve worked really hard to be where we are, to have these opportunities. It’s something that you earn so we want to work really hard to take advantage of it.”

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