Eagles’ Josh Sweat Puts Teammates on Notice: ‘Season Is Slipping Away’

Josh Sweat directs teammates in between plays.

Getty Josh Sweat directs teammates in between plays.

After yet another blowout loss, Eagles coaches, players, and fans alike seem to be asking questions and pointing fingers. One of the most concerning comments coming over the weekend, though, came from defensive end Josh Sweat.

In Jeff McLane’s latest article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, he reports Sweat being visibly defeated and despondent after the game.

When he finally spoke up, Sweat said, “I’m tired of hearing you getting all these pressures and [bleep] like that. [Bleep] all that. You know me, I’m always a free spirit. But it’s piling up, piling up, and I feel the season is slipping away from us and it’s getting me upset.”

He then goes on to say, “We’ve got to take care of each other.”

What’s most concerning about this report is that Sweat’s line of thought here suggests that players might be freelancing a bit too much and not playing according to defensive coordinator Sean Desai’s scheme enough.

Suggesting that his teammates might be bragging about getting pressures while not making sure to fill in gaps within a team concept shows that these internal conflicts are now bubbling up to the surface.

This is the type of mistrust that can erode a locker room.

Josh Sweat’s Words Could Mean It’s Time to Sound the Alarm on the Eagles’ Defense

McLane also posted a tweet on Sunday, December 10, sounding the alarm on the defense, showing that nine of the last ten drives against the Eagles had resulted in a score for the opposition. Eight of them were touchdowns.

This is the type of defensive drought that has led to fans showing up to the Eagles’ team facilities and protesting. As my colleague, Beth Mishler-Elmore, reported earlier today, some of these fans are even asking for Desai to be fired.

It’s really astonishing how quickly things can turn on a team and coaching staff in the NFL. After two big losses like this, The Eagles have to start putting a plan together of how to move forward as if the season is on the line despite still being tied for the league’s best record at 10-3.

Further into McLane’s piece, he reports Sweat saying, “That’s what we need to be on better. Too many escapes. I’m just not used to it, not used to it, not used to it. I’m used to rushing so well against good opponents. It’s both ways. That’s why I’m frustrated. You know, obviously, I’ve got to watch the film.”

There’s Still Reason to Hope the Eagles Can Turn It Around for Playoffs

Other Eagles players have been more hopeful than Sweat has sounded about the team’s current situation. Defensive end and team captain Brandon Graham told the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday, December 12, that he believes they can get back where they need to be.

“I know that for us, we’re going to get it right.” Graham then says, “I believe in this team, and we believe in each other. Despite what’s been going on the last two weeks – because, you know, of course, it’s a little more juice because of who it is and what happened last year with the 49ers. And then, of course, the Cowboys every time we play them, we’ve got to beat them.”

In a completely different tone than Sweat, Graham finishes up the segment saying, “I know it didn’t happen the last two weeks and we’ve got Seattle this week, and it’s how we respond. Of course, we wanted to respond with the Cowboys by getting in the win column, but it didn’t happen.

“There’s no sense in crying about it, let’s fix it. We’re going to be out there really trying to look ourselves in the mirror and just know that yeah, we’re 10-3, but we’ve got some stuff that we’ve got to be better on so we can make this run.”

After giving up 109 points over the last three weeks, all eyes will be on this Eagles’ defense in Week 15 as they have yet another chance to respond and get right before this presumed playoff run.

If Desai can get them back on track, maybe Eagles fans can stop worrying and start dreaming of another Super Bowl appearance. If not, it could mark the beginning of the end for the birds in 2023.

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