‘Most Hated Man in Philly’ Responds to Eagles Trash Talk

Micah Parsons

Getty Images Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys have been doing a lot of talking about Jalen Hurts in recent days. Funny since they won’t see the MVP candidate for two weeks. Their immediate focus should be on the Jacksonville Jaguars, just as the Philadelphia Eagles are focused on the Chicago Bears.

Micah Parsons started the ruckus with some off-the-cuff comments regarding Hurts. Now, after getting blasted by Eagles fans, the All-Pro linebacker has responded in the most predictable way imaginable. Parsons sent a compliment in Hurts’ direction (via ESPN’s Ed Werder) while acknowledging that he is ”probably the most hated man in Philly.”

Parsons wasn’t done talking. The Penn State product went on a bit of a rant after Thursday’s practice during a fun back-and-forth with Dallas reporters. His main point? Hurts — or any other quarterback in the NFL — isn’t solely responsible for a team’s success. He was actually paying respect to the Eagles’ defense.

“No disrespect to Hurts. I think he’s doing great this year,” Parsons told David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “But you know me. I’m a defensive guy, and I said the Eagles’ defense is the team to watch. The conversation was MVP, is it just quarterback? I was just having a good conversation with Von [Miller].”

Eagles Focused on Bears, Not Micah Parsons

The Eagles are keeping the main thing the main thing, to quote Hurts. They are singularly focused on beating the Chicago Bears this week in what could be a tough road game if Justin Fields plays.

Head coach Nick Sirianni hadn’t even heard Parsons’ comments when he addressed the Philly media on Wednesday: “Honestly, I’m not familiar with that yet. I imagine someone will bring it to my attention next week. I don’t know. We’re worried about the Bears and the Bears only.”

Predictably, Hurts followed suit: “I’m worried about the Bears right now.”

Hurts Begs Philly Media to Ask About Bears Defense

Hurts went to his bag of tricks and pulled out something he used in Week 5 when addressing reporters. After the media peppered him with questions about Parsons and the Cowboys, he ended his press conference by asking if anyone wanted to ask about the Bears’ defense. It was a strategic move — perhaps a nod to Michael Jordan? — to make a bad Chicago defense feel good about themselves.

The Eagles leader was also quick to shower Fields with praise, a young quarterback who has been drawing comparisons to Hurts due to his video-game speed. If Fields improves his accuracy and pocket presence, there is a chance he could follow the same trajectory as Hurts. That would play well in a quarterback-starved town like Chicago.

“I love watching football,” Hurts told reporters. “I love the game. I love seeing the way different players handle different situations. Talking about Justin Fields, he’s always been a player that I’ve had a lot of respect for — at Georgia, at Ohio State, coming into the Bears and doing what he’s been able to do in a short time.”

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