Jalen Hurts’ Frustration With Eagles Revealed Amid ‘Dysfunction’

Jalen Hurts

Getty Jalen Hurts is not happy with the direction of the Philadelphia Eagles offense, according to one insider.

New details are emerging about Philadelphia Eagles players’ frustration with the organization, including star quarterback Jalen Hurts. ESPN’s Tim McManus described the “dysfunction” within the Eagles detailing Hurts’ “disappointment” with the offense. The insider’s report came just hours before the Eagles’ Wild Card matchup against the Buccaneers.

“On top of those struggles, Jalen Hurts’ desired direction for the offense has not materialized, which has been a source of disappointment for the franchise quarterback, according to a source with direct knowledge of Hurts’ thinking,” McManus detailed in a January 15, 2024 story titled “Why has Nick Sirianni struggled to rally the Eagles?” “A disconnect between the visions of Sirianni, Hurts and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson has affected the offense’s ability to land on an identity, the source said.

“Philly’s offense posted above-average numbers relative to the rest of the league during the season but didn’t match the lofty standards set in 2022. The Eagles (11-6) slipped from third in points per game (28.1) to seventh (25.5), went from ninth in passing (241.5 yards per game) to 16th (225.5), and fell from fifth in rushing (147.6) to eighth (128.8). The feeling that they were underperforming weighed on players even after wins.”

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Threw a Career-High 15 Interceptions in 2023

Even during the Eagles’ strong start to the season at 10-1, the offense was not firing on all cylinders. The play-calling deserves some of the blame, but Hurts also struggled with turnovers throughout the season.

Philly quarterback threw a career-high 15 interceptions during the regular season. This is more than double the 6 picks Hurts threw in 2022.

It has not been all bad for Hurts throwing for 3,858 yards and 23 touchdowns as well. Hurts added 605 rushing yards and a career-high 15 TDs on the ground.

Eagles Rumors: Head Coach Nick Sirianni May Be Coaching for His Job in the NFL Playoffs, Says Insider

It is not just the Eagles’ struggles on the field, but the team appears to be on different pages inside the locker room. NBC Sports’ Peter King believes head coach Nick Sirianni may be coaching for his job in the postseason.

“No inside information here, other than to know the people involved, and if I’m Sirianni, I’m thinking I’ve got to win tonight at Tampa Bay to show owner Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman that I deserve the chance to re-shape the coaching staff,” King detailed in a January 15 column titled “FMIA Wild Card: Decibels in Detroit, Doubt in Dallas, Harmony in Houston.”

“He’ll have to erase the defensive staff, at least, and do surgery on the offensive staff. Maybe Sirianni proposes to the bosses that he call the offensive plays next year. Either way, the 1-5 plummet job down the stretch, with some effortless stretches of terrible losses, puts Sirianni’s future in question.”

Eagles News: Jalen Hurts ‘Was Hoping the Direction of the Offense Would Change’

Hurts was hoping the direction of the offense would change as the Eagles began the team’s recent losing skid, per McManus. Instead, it does not appear much has changed on either side of the ball.

“In the early stages of the Eagles’ skid, Hurts was hoping the direction of the offense would change, the source familiar with Hurts’ thinking said,” McManus added. “He believed they were overly reliant on vertical routes and not utilizing short-to-intermediate throws, particularly over the middle of the field, where Brown has thrived in his career.

“In short, the belief was there was too much flash over substance — a sentiment others on the offensive side of the ball shared.”

A win in Tampa would be a step towards boosting team morale, but a loss could mean major changes are on the horizon.

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