Proposed Trade Sends Steelers Additional 2nd-Round NFL Draft Pick

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Getty 93.7 The Fan's Andrew Fillipponi proposed the possibility of the Pittsburgh Steelers trade back in the first round to gain a second-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could potentially find themselves in a difficult spot on the first night of the 2024 NFL draft. When they select at No. 20 overall, the top offensive tackles and wide receivers could be gone while from a draft value perspective, it will be too early to select a center.

But 93.7 The Fan’s Andrew Fillipponi proposed a solution to this potential problem — trade back from No. 20. Fillipponi wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that the Buffalo Bills are emerging as a potential suitor of the No. 20 pick.

“Rumored Steelers-Bills draft pick trade to keep an eye on: Steelers trade 1st (20th pick) and 4th (98th pick) to Bills for 1st (28th pick) and 2nd (60th pick),” wrote Fillipponi.

Fillipponi incorrectly called the 98th pick a fourth rounder. It’s actually a third-round selection, so with this proposed trade, the Steelers wouldn’t be gaining an extra Day 2 choice.

But if the Steelers agreed to this trade, they would have three choices from No. 28-60 overall. In the second round, they would pick twice at No. 51 and 60 overall.

The Steelers would also still have a third-round selection at No. 84. Currently, the Steelers have one second and two third-round choices.

Who Could the Steelers Target at No. 28 Overall in the NFL Draft?

Most pundits have argued that center and wide receiver are the two biggest needs the Steelers possess heading into the NFL draft. But No. 20 could be an awkward spot for either of those positions.

The top three wideouts are expected to be off the board in the top 10. All the centers could still be available, but some draft analysts have argued No. 20 is too early to target that position.

It’s not clear if the Steelers hold this belief. But if they do and prefer not to target a tackle, then they could trade back to No. 28 overall and potentially still grab one of the top centers in the draft class.

Pro Football Focus has centers Graham Barton and Jackson Powers-Johnson ranked as the No. 23 and 27 overall prospects, respectively. They also have West Virginia center Zach Frazier rated at No. 33 overall.

If the Steelers desire to draft one of those three centers, they will have to do it with their first selection. It’s highly unlikely Barton, Powers-Johnson or Frazier will still be on the board at No. 51 when the Steelers select again.

So, trading back allows the Steelers a chance at greater value with those centers while gaining higher quality draft capital from the Bills.

How Kenny Pickett Trade Makes Draft Night Deal More Possible

Quarterback Kenny Pickett is off the Steelers roster. But if the team orchestrates a trade like the one Fillipponi proposed, Pickett will still play a role in Pittsburgh’s draft.

The Steelers dealt Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles in a trade that involved a draft pick exchange. Pittsburgh sent Philadelphia the No. 120 overall pick in the fourth round and received No. 98 overall and two 2025 seventh-round picks in return.

The No. 98 selection is what Fillipponi proposed the Steelers send to Buffalo in the trade back scenario.

Although the Steelers would no longer have two third-rounders, they would gained an additional second in Fillipponi’s trade suggestion.

With the proposed Bills trade, the Steelers could land a top center at No. 28 and then select a wide receiver and offensive tackle or cornerback in the second round.

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