O.J. Simpson Sends Strong Message to Steelers’ Mike Tomlin

Getty Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin watches team warm-ups.

Everyone has an opinion on the Pittsburgh Steelers and their quarterback conundrum, even former five-time All-Pro running back O.J. Simpson.

Simpson offers up the obvious “solution” to the Steelers’ offensive crisis: Start Kenny Pickett.

“The problem is, Pittsburgh’s not going to win any 14-10 games. They gonna have to score points to win. I just don’t see that happening with [Mitch] Trubisky.”

Despite not throwing any touchdowns, Trubisky improved over Weeks 1 and 2. Statistically, he had his best yards game as a Pittsburgh Steeler with 20 of 32 completed passes for 207 yards and an 81.1 percent passer rating (per Pro Football Focus).

“I’ve got to admit, he wasn’t that bad [on Thursday], but that shouldn’t be the criteria. Your quarterback should be the guy that inspires you. Overall, I don’t see these guys being inspired by their quarterback play.”

“I saw the body language of those receivers last night and it just wasn’t good, especially Diontae Johnson; albeit, he probably should’ve caught what I thought was Trubisky’s best past [on Thursday].”

The aforementioned pass, shown below on the Emmanuel Acho breakdown video, should’ve been caught. That’s on Diontae Johnson and not Trubisky. It was perfectly thrown where only the receiver could go it.

Simpson believes that the rookie Pickett will have more success than the veteran Trubisky where it counts — on the scoreboard.

“I don’t know what Kenny Pickett is able to do, but I’m willing to bet anybody that he’ll score more than four touchdowns over the next three games,” Simpson said. “They’ve only scored four touchdowns in the first three games and that’s not gonna get [it], especially without T.J. Watt helping that defense.”

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor asked Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about the quarterback situation following their loss to the Cleveland Browns.

“I’m not in that mindset,” Tomlin responded. “I’m interested in reviewing this tape and looking at the totality of it and figuring out how we collectively get better. I will answer that question definitely no.”

Mitch Trubisky Isn’t the Steelers’ Problem

The debate since the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers sole victory of the season — Week 1 over the Cincinnati Bengals — has been whether the problem with the offense is the quarterback or the offensive coordinator.

Mitch Trubisky has played three regular games as quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It often takes players returning to the same familiar offense a few games to get rolling at the start of the season. Simply because Trubisky is a seven-year veteran and the Steelers are the Steelers doesn’t mean quarterback-to-receiver is going to be perfect. This product needs time to develop.

What’s hindering that development is poor play-calling by offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Emmanuel Acho, former Browns and Philadelphia Eagles linebacker-turned-media personality, broke down the highlights and lowlights of Trubisky’s Sept. 22 game.

“Y’all gotta stop demanding Mitch Trubisky, get benched for Kenny Pickett unless you want Kenny Pickett to struggle, too,” Acho said.

Acho started the lowlights segment with one of Canada’s worst calls of the night on a manageable 3rd-and-5 by asking a couple of hypotheticals.

“What are the Steelers gonna do? I need you to convert. What in the world y’all gonna call?”

“Hey America, who’s that man?” Acho asked pointing to defensive end Myles Garrett.  Myles Garrett — the baddest or the second baddest man in the National Football League.

The ex-linebacker puts the onus on Canada’s play-calling.

“Hey America, is this man [Trubisky] right-handed or lefthanded? He’s right-handed. So why in God’s name are you going to sprint towards the baddest man in the league with a right-handed quarterback? Make it make sense. Of course, this ain’t complete. Who in God’s name is gonna sprint towards one of the best defensive players in football with the quarterbacks offhand and expect him to complete it.”

The best thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers to do is likely what Mike Tomlin will do, and that’s ride Mitch Trubisky for the 2022 season. Steelers fans know that Tomlin is stubborn and rarely admits mistakes.

Pittsburgh’s next four games (New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the surging Miami Dolphins) are without T.J. Watt. They’ll be lucky to win any of them. They aren’t going anywhere unless they get better fast which, by the looks of it, isn’t happening.

Beef up the offensive line in 2023 free agency and the draft, let Kenny Pickett learn and develop through one more offseason and see how things stand next August.

There’s no need to rush it. Steelers fans may just have to suck it up and take the lumps.