Steelers’ T.J. Watt Talks Viral Pool Video: ‘Too Funny Not to Post’

Steelers linebacker T. J. Watt

Getty T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 9, 2023.

Last week Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker T.J. Watt was cleaning his pool when he lost his footing and fell into the water. He went on to share video of the May 18 incident (captured by a security camera), which has since been viewed 5.8 million times and counting.

On May 25, Watt was asked about the video after the conclusion of Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

“I am good. I don’t know how I missed the step, but I did,” said Watt with a laugh, according to Teresa Varley of “A lesser athlete would have got hurt.”

Close Friends Encouraged T.J. Watt to Share the Video

Watt went on to reveal that he initially shared the video with friends on a group chat, and they prompted him to share it with his social media followers.

“The only reason I posted it is because I wasn’t hurt,” added the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2021). “It was all in good fun. I put it in the group chat, and they are like, ‘it’s too funny not to post. You might as well just post it.’”

Of course, most Steelers fans didn’t find the video at all humorous.

Kevin Adams, co-host of the Steel Here podcast, tweeted: “TJ. We’re gonna need you to wear floaties any time you’re around the water. We can’t be messing around with this s***. Got titles to win.”

That prompted the following reply from one commentator.

“Tomlin better ban this man from stepping within 50ft of a pool. Our whole season flashed before my eyes.”

That said, some fans would like to see Watt wrapped in bubble wrap until the season starts.

Many encouraged Watt to hire a pool boy.

While others volunteered to clean his pool — for free.

Still others took the opportunity to note that Watt’s dog didn’t even react to his owner falling in the water, an issue that T.J. also addressed.

“I was very calm. I am happy about myself being calm,” said Watt. “The dog didn’t react like I wanted him to, but that was because I yelled at him two minutes before that because he was digging into some mud. That is the background on that story.”

T.J. Watt: OTAs Are ‘Super Important’

Meanwhile, Watt also took to the time to speak about the team-building that is currently underway, as Pittsburgh’s defense works to integrate free agent additions like Patrick Peterson, Breiden Fehoko, Markus Golden, Cole Holcomb, Keanu Neal, Elandon Roberts and Chandon Sullivan. Not to mention 2023 draft picks like Joey Porter Jr., Keeanu Benton, Nick Herbig and Cory Trice Jr.

“Every year we are adding people. I don’t know if it’s any different (this year),” noted Watt at the conclusion of the first week of OTAs. “This time of year is always super important. That is why we are all here. We are just trying to get better each and every day. Trying to grow, trying to learn from each other. Trying to learn how we practice, how we do things here in Pittsburgh. Also being open minded to the guys who are veterans and have done things successfully in other places.”

The Steelers will return to the practice field on May 30, as the next set of OTAs are scheduled for May 30 – June 1, 2023.

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