49ers’ Trey Lance Awes Cynics With Preseason Magic: ‘Was Told He Couldn’t Throw’

Trey Lance

Getty San Francisco's Trey Lance looks to make big strides in year two of his career.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance enchanted and added an encouraging amount fire to the team’s passing attack during their preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers on Friday, Aug. 12, shushing those lingering doubters who were hyper focused on his limited performance during the start of training camp.

Of course, it’s just preseason – that’s easily understood.

But tell that to fans and critics who have been waiting to drop the hammer on social media and found themselves flummoxed with the second-year quarterback’s performance – especially his wild 76-yard touchdown to rookie wide receiver Danny Gray that seemed to metaphorically break Twitter during San Francisco’s 28-21 win over the Packers.

‘I Was Told Lance Couldn’t Throw the Ball’

The North Dakota State product played 11 snaps, completed four of five pass attempts for 92 yards and a touchdown during the exhibition game at Levi’s Stadium.

And Twitter became obsessed.

“Trey Lance just went bombs away to 3rd-rounder Danny Gray for a 76-yard TD,” commentator Skip Bayless tweeted. “Trey L  >>>>Jimmy G.”

“I was told Lance couldn’t throw the ball LOL,” one person said.

“Trey Lance connects with Danny Gray on a deep bomb down the left sideline for a 76-yard touchdown,” another commented. “That’s it, I’ve seen enough. Get the gold jacket ready, this young man is on his way to Canton.”

“Not to overreact to Trey Lance’s preseason game, but if you rotate his numbers over a full season, you get: 432/54, 86 passing touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 9936 passing yards,” one person said.

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“TREY LANCE IS HIM,” someone exclaimed.

“First half analysis,” another said. “Trey Lance is built different AND has that dawg in him. I’ve seen enough.”

That Slide

There was a lot of chatter surrounding Lance’s first slide. During his only carry of the night in the first quarter, he stepped through the pocket and jetted off for seven yards which resulted in the first slide of his professional career.

Scratch that – in his whole life.

Trey Lance’s first drop back had a ton to like from a growth standpoint,” one person observed. “Sees lane in collapsing pocket to step up, eyes upfield, looks to set his feet again – not there, he takes off on scramble, and slides.”

Lance addressed the move during the news presser following the game.

“I got down,” Lance said according to NBC Sports’ Matt Maiocco. “That was my first time sliding in my whole entire life. So that was good.”

And people took notice.

“No. 5 can slide!” someone tweeted.

“Trey Lance been working on that slide,” another said.

“Fantastic job by Trey Lance to step up in the pocket and slide for the first down,” one person tweeted.

‘He Seemed Solid’

Head coach Kyle Shanahan had some positive things to say about Lance’s performance  as well.

“He seemed solid,” Shanahan said. “The first play he didn’t have one, made a good scramble. It was nice to come down with that third down play to Danny. So he did some good things. It was a good first game. Wish we kept him out there more, but have to get him out.”

The 49ers next game will be on Saturday, August 20, against the Minnesota Vikings – an exhibition match that will not feature Lance, according to Shanahan.

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